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User Info: cancerino

2 months ago#1
Is there any explanation as of why Delta's robotics technology is in 2028 as advanced as Doctor Klim's in 2074? I mean, why did the Doctor need to spend decades developing AI and robot skin technology to run his project if Delta would happily handle it to him?

I'm not even gonna mention on how it breaks the previous game immersion, of all science fiction things locked in the far away apocalyptic future.

User Info: Hentaicheg

2 months ago#2
Well, the game is full of plot holes...

999 was almost perfect.. the shift mechanic back then wasn't insanely forceful, and if you ignored shifting in 999 - it was a masterpiece.

Then virtue came in and facepalms started to show up on my face, but it was still BEARABLE... but I already prepared my body for a huge train wreck at ZTD... and I was good to prepare myself for that...

It ended with a pretty casual 'super happy end' where you were spoonfed all information, everyone got a simple good ending and well... all questions of how something works were solved in the same way persona series does it: 'cognitions, son'...
To quote the most popular altered sentence of this game: 'but why...the stuff is like this... just because it is'

There are a lot of things you could complain about.... starting from how shift gets from hardly usable to being used pretty casually by the end to how stupid the plot itself was...

Mind hacking is more powerful than some stupid shift ability... If mind hacking works remotely how delta described, he would gain a knowledge of an individual person, which would lead him onto another individual due to him knowing that person... which would give him chance to find a terrorist without much effort without a chance to be spotted... terrorist is not just one person anyway.. it may have happened because of 1 person, but it would either way be an organization to matter on world scale... just find someone who might know something about the terrorist organisation, then find everyone in that organization through knowledge from top brass and kill them all with mindhacking...

Assuming that he spends all his life killing and it takes him an average of 2 minutes to kill a person with mind hack(just an average to account for his obvious need of sleep and his young age where he probably wouldn't do that, he would actually be able to kill much faster)
He can kill a little under 50 million people without much effort during his life... not a single terrorist organisation can have so many people... or well, theoretically it can, but then the world is fked anyway.
And it's 'only' 100 years... he was over 120 by the end of plot and it still didn't feel like he would kick the bucket any time soon...

I can make quite a few more better ways to handle the situation and overall plot more logical... but it won't make the game any better sadly... if I knew the series would rely 100% on time travel mechanics - I wouldn't continue past 999... from incredible breathtaking crime thriller to yet another slightly above 'eh' tier time travel novel.
But I must say ZTD was bad on all fronts, unlike virtue which at least had great puzzles... puzzles in ZTD felt mostly reliant on memory instead of actual out of the box thinking.. also highly hated the way you could move camera so much compared to 999... made you miss so many obvious items for minutes... finding a hint you didn't even know existed after 10 minutes of randomly trying everything is pretty terrible... especially when it wasn't even supposed to be hidden... you just did not turn camera enough or missed something obvious. It's frustrating when puzzles are actually easier than stumbling into hints.

I wouldn't say it was a complete disappointment, but the whole build up felt like it amounted to nothing much in the end... heck, I would even rather take some mummy allice bulls*** over what we got.

User Info: Amakusa

1 month ago#3
Hentaicheg posted...
999 was almost perfect.. the shift mechanic back then wasn't insanely forceful, and if you ignored shifting in 999 - it was a masterpiece.

It's entirely because 999 is a self-contained story. VLR hamstrung itself banking on a sequel to explain its idiosyncrasies and ZTD didn't really deliver.
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