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  3. Did this game pretty much kill the fandom?

User Info: OrangeCrush980

8 months ago#1
Looks like traffic on all the Zero Escape boards on GameFAQs plummeted after 2016.
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User Info: podracer35

8 months ago#2
I mean, being the finale in what I assume is a Trilogy would do that.

Only time will tell if Uchikoshi decides to revisit the series again.
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User Info: Hotel_Security

8 months ago#3
^What he said. Whether it's a comic, TV show or a game, once a series is mostly resolved, there's only so much to discuss and folks move on to other stuff. Such is the way of things.

Though, I'm just starting the third game myself so there's still a few of us getting into it out there.

User Info: LingFromXing

8 months ago#4
Pretty much yeah, it killed any hype I had for the next game.
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User Info: Hotel_Security

8 months ago#5
^I kinda felt the second game killed hype in terms of plot. It just kinda made it feel like nothing they did mattered since they could just try it again.

But, as I'm playing this 3rd game, the format of the series still works for me. The fragment structure is weird but I'm still kind of doing the paths in order by looking at the shapes. And the puzzles really get me thinking and I like exploring the different weird choices. Also nice to see that it's back to being bloody and gory like the first game...I've seen some excellent deaths already.

The only really annoying part is how low Zero's voiceover is in the mix...I basically HAVE to use subtitles when he's on screen or I can barely hear a word.

If anything, I'd welcome a new game in this same vein but I'd rather it be freed of the whole Free the Soul save-the-world stuff and just be it's own self-contained game like 999.

User Info: ponyseizures

7 months ago#6
The series was at the end of its lifespan, so people knew ahead of time that they didn't have long left. Still, I'm sure the subpar, underwhelming ending didn't help.

User Info: Hotel_Security

7 months ago#7
^Not sure how people expected the ending to go, really. They kind of weaved too much of a mess with the last game to really cleanly finish it.

Overall, I kinda view this and VLR in the same way as both games operate similarly. I still found myself interested and the puzzles were pretty good but, with both games, the plot tried to do a little too much.

Anyway, I just finished it myself and figured I'd put my thoughts here.

-I do agree the ending was weak especially with the idea of Brother doing the whole thing just to get everyone to dedicate to stopping this nameless terrorist. Which seems like a massive waste of time since he started the Radical-6 thing which resulted in a bunch of people spending decades trying to stop it...when he could have instead just worked with them to spend decades trying to find the nameless terrorist. Like with a lot of things in this series, it seems it could have handled a lot easier.

-I saw some complaints on the idea of Q never being noticed but it seemed to fit and the game gives a lot of clues. This is far less ridiculous than the idea of young Sigma not noticing he's in an old man's body or that he's missing an eye in VLR.

-They dropped the ball with Mira. Regardless of the histories, she still a crazy serial killer in all of them...and, if we believe Zero's anecdotes, she's responsible for Akane's parents dying AND original Sean dying. This is completely forgotten in the ending and I was waiting for when it'd come to light. Not to mention how she's strung Eric along this whole time and we needed a moment where he realizes it...especially since it seems she'll still eventually murder him in the end (not that we mind). Just like how Ace and Dio remained bad dudes no matter which timeline we're in, it's weird how Mira is somehow considered a good guy despite murdering people all over the timelines.

-There's aradoxes galore, but that's kind of a theme of the game. Brother somehow orchestrates his own birth. I'd say it's an issue but there's paradoxes all over this series and I think they're kind of just the way things work.

-Brother's the oldest person ever and has 100% control of his faculties. Yeah, sure.

-There's absolutely no reason why Zero killed Gab at the end. Very random.

-The Left mystery/murder is really never solved. I first assumed that Left was the Sean kid that died but the VLR history says otherwise.

-I kinda hoped to see more of the ruthless Akane from 999. We saw it in small moments in this but that hardcore mindset she had with the 999 game is kind of gone.

-A few decisions are kind of dumb. The worst was when D-Team is poisoned and, despite obviously dying, they're seriously debating whether they should take the antidote. But the last one was kind of dumb too...they're shifting around all over through the entire game and it's not until that very end that they suddenly give a crap about the consciousnesses that they're replacing. They never cared about this before in any game and suddenly they do at the end?

Heck, the whole series is about basically screwing over countless other timelines just to find just ONE timeline where everything works out. They've been screwing their alternate selves over again and again and, even then, there's only one timeline left where everyone isn't screwed. Kind of strange how this is the ideal situation.

-At some point Akane/Junpei become shifters when they were really just accessing the morpho zone for inf in 999. I was under the impression their powers were different from Sigma/Phi but, by the end, they're all the same.

-Without Shifting, it seems impossible for Brother to know the stuff he knows prior to the ZTD. Only Sigma/Diana knew who the twins were and he wouldn't know until he read their minds in a timeline where they had shifted. And, even then, he wouldn't know it in other timelines.

-Was surprised there was no late-game puzzles. I reached a point where the last 15 hours I played with the game was all plot. Could have used a little more in terms of puzzles to break it up but it's not a big deal.
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