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User Info: tommy101

7 months ago#1
So, finally got round to playing God Eater, and managed to obtain the DLC through the convoluted way of "purchasing" it on Vita (as there's no longer a PSN Store on PSP, and SONY has also removed PSP content from the web store), to then download it to PSP.

I was wondering if anyone could explain about the DLC, as the below doesn't really make much sense to me:


Looking at God Eater wikia, certain characters have DLC costumes (Alisa, Sakuya, Shio -there probably are others too, though I don't think Kanon or Gina got DLC costumes, they just got their own character designs as of Burst), but I can't seem to find an option to change the costumes for the characters, other than the one for the protagonist, obviously ;)!

Does this mean that the DLC costumes were in a later DLC that was not made available for the western release?

Actually looking again at the DLC page, it could be the "Pre-order NPC (Japanese only)" DLC (the one which includes Tsubaki as an available party member), as the list seems to match the characters I mentioned earlier, anyone able to confirm if this is the case?

Whilst I'm only really concerned with DLC on vanilla at the moment (as finding it a bit difficult to find the second game), I am curious if the same "DLC" content is on Resurrection or not.

The DLC page seems to indicate the DLC content, minus some new content for Resurrection ("another character" versions of Federico and Annette) is there, though perhaps it only consists of western vanilla DLC, as there does not appear to be any Resurrection images for Japanese DLC exclusive protagonist costumes, or "Pre-order NPC" content.

Anyone able to confirm what content (formerly DLC on vanilla) is on the western version of Resurrection?

Again it seems there's a similar situation with God Eater 2 and Rage Burst: Another DLC has original outfits for Alisa, Kanon and other characters; Another Episode DLC includes new operators Teruomi and Urara; hair models based on Ciel, Nana, and other characters; Idolmaster outfit for Alisa; Christmas clothes.

Does this content feature on the western version Rage Burst, or exclusive to God Eater 2?

Some of the content on the DLC page for Rage Burst is referred to as DLC, but according to the page, no DLC was released for western versions of Resurrection or Rage Burst, stating it's either already available on the game, or it's not available.

Another character versions of Kanon, Gina and other characters are listed as "PSN only DLC", so does that mean they're not available on the western version of Rage Burst?

Kate and Yoshino, and a swimsuit for Alisa are listed as an update, same goes for another character versions of Ciel, Nana, Erina and Alisa, and a number of collaboration costumes, so does that mean this content is available on the western version of Rage Burst, as long as you have updated to the latest version?

I understand I might not get a reply, regarding all, some or any of the above, but thought I'd ask.

Thanks in advance.
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