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  3. Bullet Recipe I used to SSS+ Pilgrim 2 (4 Fierce Kongou) with a Sniper bullet

User Info: Davincross

3 years ago#1
I'm sure Minarie is probably gonna get tired of how much I love the M-double beat bullet but it worked for me. I made a small variation and just blasted into the F. Kongou's face. Sometime's it'd hit for 0's then other times, it'd hit for 2000, 1000 and more. Why? Don't know. But with trigger happy and frugal, it's ok cause you'll rarely have shots in a row that are 0's so fire away.

Here's the recipe (I also use a height variation of this for Chi You and Sariel)

[Long Shot]
1-M Control: Aim at Foe/short time, 5 degrees up
2--With 1, L Shot: Straight/Short
3----When 2 hits, L Shot: Straight/Point-blank
4--0.2 sec after 1, Shot: Straight/Short
5----When 4 hits, L Shot: Straight/Point-blank
6----When 4 hits, S Rapid: Rapid/Normal
7----When 4 hits, S Rapid: Rapid/Normal
8----When 4 hits, S Rapid: Rapid/Normal

For Sekmet and Sariel I basically just start it with

1-SS Deco Laser: Straight/point-blank, 90 degrees up
2--When 1 fades, Control aim at Foe/Normal time, 120 degrees down
3----0.2 sec after 2, L Shot: Straight/Short

and the second shot at 0.5 seconds. Line 2 may be "With 1" for normal chi you's. Just what I noticed, for Sekhmets it works better when the bullets higher. Probably for all types of Chi You too but I didn't test that far. Just happy I was able to SSS+ it, whoop whoop!

User Info: Davincross

3 years ago#2
Two other things, I realize a lot is due to the overwhelming power of arbalest sniper line guns in GER. Also I wanted to add my equips, Ajax shield and I use the gem sword Diao.

I compared its damage on a fierce kongou face with gem sword Diao vs Superbia and with gem sword I did like 300 while superbia was in the 250 range. I would've assumed it'd be opposite but nope.. Gem sword seems to win out on damage to that creature.

Also I use the same bullet on polar Kongou, just with the first line as "M Control: Follow/Short Time" then next "With 1, Shot:Straight/Short" and so on, then aimed at his arms. I think it also hits his rear for decent damage but best aimed at his arms, preferably left arm since that doesn't move as much when he's gearing up.
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  3. Bullet Recipe I used to SSS+ Pilgrim 2 (4 Fierce Kongou) with a Sniper bullet
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