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4 years ago#1
Kebladeking mentioned I should make a FAQ and after beating Shadow of Oblivion on Despair at Gathering level 5(as hard as it gets) I felt ready to make the guide.It ended up longer than I expected but should cover everything you'd need to know to make build
First thing I should mention this guide coves the build from the jp wiki(link below) with my own experiences added on
I don’t know if it’s the best build but it does let you beat the hardest boss so it gives you an idea of what your build should be like. If you believe a different trait is better by all means use that instead.

The first thing you want to start with is making these items
Mineral Extract
Alchemic Clay
Dusk Drop
Geist Aizen
Crimson Stone
With these traits at 999 quality
Super Quality
Pro Perfection
Quality ++

Start with Mineral Extract and Alchemic Clay and put those traits on them after that use these loops until they hit 999 quality
Mineral Extract->Neutralizer Y and Apcol -> Mineral Extract
Alchemic Clay-> Neutralizer Y ->Alchemic Clay
Once both Mineral Extract and Alchemic Clay hit 999 make the Dusk drop from the Neutralizer Y and Mineral Extract you used above
Make Crimson Stone by going Mineral Extract->Zettel-> Ramel Flour(+Alchemic Clay)->Crimson Stone
Make Geist Aizen with dusk drop and loop Geist Aizen-> Geist Aizen until it hits 999 quality

After you make these 5 items register them and you can use them for almost any category to hit 999 quality much easier. In addition to these 5 you may also want to make 999 quality Spruce and Noble Sapphire. You’ll need both for weapons and sometimes for alchemy so you’ll want a few lying around. Spruce works the same way as Geist Aizen where you loop it into itself and you shouldn’t have any trouble making 999 quality Noble sapphire.

The best weapons are the tier 4 ones this is because the higher base stats on the tier 5 don’t make up for the loss of the two enhancement slots. In addition because all tier 5 weapons use a forgotten material they aren’t able to reach 999 quality without the quality glitch described here
This guide is written assuming you aren’t using the quality glitch but even if you are I still suggest you follow the steps above because you can’t use the quality glitch on accessories, attack items or healing items.
I’ll list two trait sets one with DLC and one without because you need to have a decent amount of strength to get some of the DLC traits which I’ll explain later. The non DLC traits don’t have many stellar traits so I list a few to help you decide the DLC traits are the opposite there are a lot of traits that could be used so I only list the ones from the wiki. The jp wiki makes two builds a break specialized build for Sophie and Leon and a damage specialized build for everyone else.

Damage Build/Break Build
Dreadful King
Pursuit of Knowledge
Well Rounded Power/Hammer of Justice
Dreadful King’s Description is mistranslated it gives 50% extra damage and +25 to all stats but damage

Without DLC
Well Rounded Power
Dragon Soul
Deadly Attack/Persistent Attack/Barrage Attack/Avidya Attack

The reason I list so many traits for the last slot is you may not want the randomness of Deadly Attack even though on average it would give the highest damage boost. The other three give the same damage boost so use the one have. I have seen builds that use two damage traits over Dragon Soul I personally prefer Dragon Soul but you could just as easily use two damage traits. It didn’t feel like it made a whole lot of difference between the two.

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4 years ago#2
Weapon Materials
To make all the weapons you’ll want to prepare
Ice Bombx1
Rubiliumx6 This should have Super Quality, Pro Perfection, Well Rounded Power
Golt Aizenx7 This should have Super Quality, Dreadful King, and Pursuit of Knowledge
Sprucex5 Two of these need to have Hammer of Justice Super Quality, and Pro Perfection (to hit 999 you’ll need Kifa from the DLC dungeon at quality 170)
Geist Aizenx6
Noble Sapphirex5 Two of these need Super Quality, Dreadful King, and Pursuit of Knowledge (For Cornelia and Oskar)
Alchemic Clayx2 One of these needs Super Quality, Pro Perfection, Well rounded Power (For Fritz)
Crimson Stonex1
All materials should have quality 999 if the traits weren’t specified it’s most likely the three quality traits

Next up is Armor the wiki recommends the Wanderer’s Shirt. I believe this is because it gives the highest damage of all armors when it is fully enhanced. You could use plate coat instead but it doesn’t feel worth it to make more materials for the 3 extra defense. As for other armor, they can surpass Wanderer’s shirt in pretty much any other category so if you want a higher stat feel free to use different armor but this guide will only cover Wanderer’s Shirt.

Well Rounded Power
Awakening Courage
Ray of Hope

Without DLC
Well Rounded Power
Power of Life/Dragonscale Defense
Stat Super Enhance/Develops the Body

The choice between the traits is mostly a matter of preference I prefer HP over defense but it didn’t seem to make that much difference you could run both if you want but I wanted a less defensive third trait. Stat Super Enhance makes you characters more well-rounded, Develops the body makes them more specialized I’d recommend Stat Super Enhance only because it usually gives more attack and speed which I prefer over the extra HP that Develops the Body gives.

Armor Materials
Adal Cloth: Try your best to make it as high quality as you can but even with quality traits it can’t hit 999
Monster Feather with the DLC you’ll get more quality 200 feathers than you’ll know what to do with from chests so use them here if you have them
Fairheit This cloth is nice because you can make it entirely from synthesized materials so it can be 999 quality and hold all three traits I suggest you make it with those traits and just duplicate to make all the armor
Gold Thread if you have all the traits on the Fairheit this can just have quality traits otherwise this can also hold traits

Once again the build differs based on whether its damage or break. Both of them use the Time control Hourglass but damage uses the White-Hot Headband and break uses the Hustle belt. The traits sets are kind of special basically you put the first two traits on both accessories and only one of third on each. So for damage specialized you’d make a Time control hourglass with cunning wit, Speed of Light, and Guide intuition and a White hot Headband with Cunning Wit, Speed of Light, and Power of Madness. The reason Well rounded power is in parentheses is because Power of madness is meant only for the DLC boss so you may not want it on a more generalized set.

Damage Specialized
Cunning Wit
Speed of Light
Guide Intuition/ Power of madness (Well Rounded Power)

Break Specialized
Persistent Faith
Wild Instinct
Speed of light/ Cunning Wit

Without DLC
Well Rounded Power
Speed of Light
Power of Faith
These traits try to emulate the DLC traits but because most of the DLC have no replacement feel free to change them with whatever you wan

User Info: space244

4 years ago#3
Accessory Materials
I found that making three sets of Gold thread with (Super Quality, Persistent Faith, Wild Instinct) (Super Quality, Speed of Light, Cunning Wit) (Super Quality, Power of Madness, Guide Intuition) at 999 quality and size 4 makes it very easy to make the accessories with the traits I want. You’ll need to duplicate the second two but the 4 you make should be just enough for the first set.
For the time control hourglass you’ll also need to make a crystal ball with as high quality as you can (so use the quality traits) and have Star powder and Sun Powder
For the White Hot Headband you’ll want Animal fur once again you can get it at 200 quality from chest in the DLC and two Fairheit at 999 quality
For the Hustle belt you’ll want more 200 quality Animal Fur and a philosopher stone (with the DLC you can gather non 0 quality ash so it is possible to hit 999 quality with it)

You shouldn’t have any trouble maxing the effects for the Headband or Belt using the Ancient Cauldron but the Hourglass is tricky. You actually do not want the second effect on the hourglass (Speed to Power). My method for doing this needed sun powder that has a size of 2 or 3, star powder with a size of 5, a crystal ball with a size of 3 or 4 and the gold thread that should have a size of 4 if you followed my instructions.
Start with the crystal ball putting in the top left corner over the green and yellow dots vertically(grab the second yellow if its size 4) Next rotate the thread twice and put it next to the crystal ball on the right. After that rotate the second thread left once and put it below the first thread. The next step will depend on whether the sun powder is size 2 or 3. If its 3 you put the Star powder in next don’t rotate it at all and put it next to the two threads grabbing two large circles when you put it down. Finally rotate the sun powder right once and place it next to the first thread so that the one square that juts out is above the thread. If the size was two put the sun powder in first then the star powder in the same places. If you did everything correctly you should get Accelerate Time, Avoid KO XL, and Control the Future

Plachta Doll Making
The stats Plachta gains from doll making are dependent upon which body you pick, what materials you use, what traits you put on them and possibly the size of the material quality doesn’t seem to have an effect. So what you will want to do is make two philosopher stones, a gold thread, and a crystal ball with the following traits and choose the Windia Body.

Dreadful King
Pursuit of Knowledge
Tenacious Body

Without DLC
Dragonscale Defense
Well Rounded Power
Deadly Attack

If you are curious how to get other bodies feel free to check the jp wiki for the various characteristic requirements and how much each material provides towards them.

Enhancement Materials
This is probably the last step you’ll do before your equipment is finished. Basically the stats you gain from enhancement are based on what metal or cloth you use the quality of the metal or cloth and the traits that are on it. You are recommended to create a Harmonium and Flugel with the Following traits
Pursuit of knowledge (and two of the following)
Super Skill
Tenacious body
Evolves the body

Without DLC
Deadly Attack(Increase Aggression if you really need the stat boost and can’t get Deadly Attack keep in mind it is worse)
Well Rounded Power
Super Skill Enhance

You are going to want to make the quality as high as possible in general you should be able to hit around 750(My best has a quality of 792) with the Harmonium and around 900(my best is 938) with the Flugel. The exact value isn’t that important so don’t stress if it’s a bit off.

User Info: space244

4 years ago#4
The last thing to mention is that if you directly enhance your weapons or armor the stats you gain from each consecutive enhancement starts to drop. To get around this you use junk weapons and armors to carry the boosts to minimize stat loss. The method to do it is a little hard to explain but pretty simple once you know how to do it. To start in addition to the metals or cloths you’ll need some junk weapon for the tier 4 weapons you’ll need 4 junk weapons while the Wanderer’s Shirt needs 5 junk armors. The only requirement for the junk weapons or armors is that it has 6 slots. I like to use Metal bullets for weapons because Logy sells ingots and I have a lot of the other materials. For armor I just used the random armor that enemies drop in chests that have 6 slots. After that you enhance all of the junk equipment once and one of them twice then take the twice enhanced equipment and use it to enhance one of the once enhance equipment then use that newly enhance equipment to enhance another once enhance equipment until there all fuse together then use that equipment to enhance your weapon or armor.

So as an example say you want to enhance Sophie’s Prosper Heart. You’ll want to make 4 Metal bullets or some other 6 slot equipment. Let’s call the bullets A, B, C, and D you’ll want to enhance A with two harmonium and B, C, and D with one each. After that you’ll select B and enhance it using A. Then select C and enhance with B and finally select D and enhance it using C. You’ll then select the Prosper Heart and enhance it with D. Doing this you should get the total of the 5 harmonium with almost no stat loss. Word of warning when the total boost becomes very large (in this case it will be attack) you’ll still end up losing some stats. As far as I know there is no way around so don’t freak out if it’s not what you expect

Attack and Recovery items
I’ll list the items the wiki recommends you make not all of them have recommended traits so you can change them if you don’t like them
Flame of the End
Ultimate Destruction
Power to Destroy Gods (Without DLC Single Bonus/One hit Kill)
Trait Super Enhance
As mentioned Power to Destroy Gods is a DLC trait so without it you’ll need a replacement. I don’t know how much of a buff criticals are but people have said it’s higher than single bonus so I included it. I suspect that one hit kill is not included with the DLC because Cunning Wit makes it redundant.

Uni Bag
Powerless Curse
Defenseless Curse
Slowness Curse
All three traits are DLC so there’s not much point making it without them

Breezy Aroma/ Spirit Weave Cloth/Warding Incense
Full of Life
False Flower
Multi Bonus
Breezy Aroma and Spirit Weave Cloth have those traits recommended while Warding Incense does not. I run those three on Warding Incense mostly out of laziness but considering its purpose of countering status ailments and recovering from break other than full of life you could put whatever traits you want

Refuel Bottle (Activates at 50%)
False Flower
Soul Dwelling
Legendary Recovery
This one is recommended specifically for the DLC final boss and the traits were of my own choosing mostly to see how they worked and I spent so much time trying to get them it felt like a waste not to use them. I figured that I would be able to heal 50% with just Legendary Recovery so I made it buff as well. It worked well but I wouldn’t worry about making it until you’re ready to fight the DLC final boss and I especially wouldn’t recommend using it against the Demon king because he buffs when you heal.

User Info: space244

4 years ago#5
Where to find traits
Quite often I see threads asking how to get a certain trait so I’ll just list where to find all the traits here
First up are innate traits these traits are always on a certain material
Power of Faith Pious Talisman
Full of Life: Dunkelheit
False Flower: Dunkelstern
Dragon Soul: Dragon Heart

Combination Traits
I’ll start with Well-rounded power because it’s the most confusing and also one of the most useful traits
All Stat Enhance x All stat Boost->All Stat Super Enhance
All Stat Boost x All Stat Super enhance -> Well rounded Power
The thing is all stat enhance and all stat boost are also combination of traits to make them you need two of the double trait enhances/boosts (i.e. ATK DEF Enhance) which are also combinations for example Attack enhance x Defense Enhance-> ATK DEF enhance

Now for the rest

Quality up x Quality up+ -> Well Made
Quality up+ x Quality up++ -> Pro Perfection
Well Made x Pro Perfection -> Super Quality

Destruction up x Destruction up+ -> Big Destruction
Destruction up+ x Destruction up++ -> Intense Destruction
Well Made x Pro Perfection -> Ultimate Destruction

Critical x Critical+ -> Critical Finish
Critical+ x Critical++ -> Always Critical
Critical Finish x Always Critical ->One Hit Kill

HP Enhance x HP Boost->Full of life
HP Boost x HP Super Enhance-> Overflowing Life
Full of Life x Overflowing Life-> Power of life

Parameters +5% x Parameters +6% ->Enhance the Body
Parameters +6% x Parameters +7% ->Draw out power
Enhance the Body x Draw out Power-> Develops the Body

Defense Enhance x Defense Boost->Steel Defense
Defense Boost x Defense Super Enhance-> Diamond Defense
Steel Defense x Diamond Defense-> Dragonscale Defense

Speed Enhance x Speed Boost->Speed of Skanda
Speed Boost x Speed Super Enhance-> Speed of Gods
Speed of Skanda x Speed of Gods-> Speed of Light

Skill power +5% x Skill power +7% -> Skill Enhance
Skill power +7% x Skill power +10% -> Skill Boost
Skill Enhance x Skill Boost -> Skill Super Enhance

Boss/Soul Space Chest Traits
Deadly Attack
Persistent Attack
Barrage Attack
Avidya Attack
Trait Super Enhance
Multi Bonus (also on the Pendregune in Tess’s Shop)
Single Bonus
These traits can be found on various materials inside the chests that bosses can drop or from the chests in the Soul space area at gathering level 5. I’m not exactly sure which specific boss drop which traits or which specific traits from the list can be found in Soul Space so if you aren’t getting a trait you want you may want to change bosses or stop opening soul space chest. Although I do know that the twin dragons can drop materials with the Deadly Attack trait at gathering level 5. To help find it you can kill the dragons, go back to the world map, save, then just keep raising the gathering level to 5 and opening the chests until you get it or reload if you don’t

DLC traits
Cunning Wit
Power to Destroy Gods
Awakening Courage
Tenacious Body
Wild Instinct
These traits can be found randomly on materials gathered in the DLC I wouldn’t try too hard to specifically get these because you’ll probably grab them while working on the next two categories

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4 years ago#6
Legendary Recovery
Evolves the Body
Super Skill
Ray of Hope
Guide Intuition
Persistent Faith
The next set of traits can be gotten from 200 quality Failure Ash in the last section of the DLC area, Unawakening Dream. There is only one point on the map that it can be gathered from which is the highest point(the closest to the boss)there are two points close together but only one give ash so you can’t miss it. The spot respawns when you leave the zone so you can just keep going between the last two zones to keep collecting from the point. The problem is that the probability of getting 200 quality ashes is kind of low. I could fill my entire basket with drops from that spot and not get one failure ash so be prepared to chuck a lot of materials to get 1 ash. If you haven’t already make Traveler’s Shoes with Move Speed Up L you’re going to need them even more for the next part.
Dreadful King
Pursuit of knowledge
Hammer of Justice
Power of Madness
Powerless Curse
Defenseless Curse
Slowness Curse
Soul Dwelling
If you thought the last part was bad it is much much worse to get these last set of traits. These traits are found on either harmonium or velvetis that can be picked up from chests at harvest level 5. The first problem is the chance of getting either material is very low it took me 90+ runs to finally get the traits needed for the build. The other problem is that two chests are behind a boss (Tormented Beast) and the only way to make the chest respawn is by defeating the other boss (Shadow of Oblivion) so before you start you probably want to turn the difficulty down to easy and try fighting the bosses at gathering level 1(don’t pick up any materials or fight any battles before you fight the boss) and see if you can win. If you did win that’s great try Shadow of Oblivion again at gathering level 5 if you win again you won’t have any problems farming if you lost you’ll have to make sure you only fight the boss at gathering level 1. If you couldn’t beat the bosses at all you have a choice to make you can either make the non DLC build possibly with some of the DLC traits from the other sections to help you win or you can keep opening the 4 unguarded chests until you get Pursuit of knowledge and reload if you didn’t get it. Now then assuming you can kill the bosses what you are going to want to do is kill the wise spirit boss at the beginning of library and the tormented beast boss that guards the chest and go back to world map without opening any chests and then save. Then raise the gathering level to 5on your way to the DLC area and open all 6 chests if you got a material you want to keep go to the Shadow of Oblivion and kill him then use a Fairy guide to return to the Atelier (If you don’t have one I seriously suggest you make one) if you didn’t get one return to the Atelier and reload your save. Repeat this until you have all the traits. Small tip I was curious whether what difficulty you’re on affects what you get from chest so with 50 runs on Easy I got 3 harmonium and 1 Velvetis while with 40 runs on Despair I got 1 harmonium and 4 Velvetis. I’m not sure if there is really is an effect but it’s easy enough to run it on Despair just remember to switch it back to before you fight Shadow of Oblivion

Trait transfer tips
You can tell how many traits an item can carry at quality 999 based the ending quality(the average quality of the materials + total size of materials x the quality bonus from the cauldron)
999 can carry 3 traits pretty obvious but it can be very convenient to put all the traits you want to transfer on one item and just put the quality traits on the rest it’s pretty much always made from entirely synthesized materials
666 can carry 2 traits if you take Super Quality
555 can carry 1 trait if you take Super Quality and Pro Perfection
if its lower than 500 it can't hit 999 even if you took all three traits

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4 years ago#7
Sooo everything is from the JPN Wiki.
Nothing is your own.
Kinda boring don't you think?
Anyways, 90 reset to get the traits from chest? I'm past 150 resets and I'm still missing Dreadful King
and Pursuit of Knowledge xD
Question: Why beat the Beast and go to the world map to save and open all chest and reload if needed as appose to just beat the Beast and Oblivion in one go. THEN go to the world map and save and begin hunting for the chests?
I don't know if you are trying to intimidate your enemies with that mask, but it only makes me laugh.

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4 years ago#8
Pringerxyz posted...
Sooo everything is from the JPN Wiki.
Nothing is your own.
Kinda boring don't you think?
Anyways, 90 reset to get the traits from chest? I'm past 150 resets and I'm still missing Dreadful King
and Pursuit of Knowledge xD
Question: Why beat the Beast and go to the world map to save and open all chest and reload if needed as appose to just beat the Beast and Oblivion in one go. THEN go to the world map and save and begin hunting for the chests?

Well the non DLC part is mostly mine(the wiki lists what traits to use for plachta without DLC) but what do you want from me it works. As for beating Oblivion i wasn't sure if I had to open all the chests then beat him to make them respawn. Either way it would still take the same amount of time its just the gathering level could be lower if you did it your way but I could kill him at gathering level 5 on easy so it didn't matter if I killed him after getting the material

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4 years ago#9
your guys' numbers for chest resets and the traits make me almost not wanna farm them for dreadful king/pursuit of knowledge
speaking of which what does pursuit of knowledge actually do
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4 years ago#10
75% damage boost it also gives gives +5 damage when you use it on enhance materials
Mine's actually higher than 90 that's just when I started keeping track but its all RNG you could get really lucky and pull a harmonium in your first chest with Dreadful King, Pursuit of Knowledge, and Hammer of Justice and essentially be done if you use Well rounded power instead of Power of Madness
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