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User Info: TaleDiver

3 years ago#1
I'm trying to complete the Trophys of this Game and im stuck at the "Skill Completionist" Trophy.
I don't know where i get these Skills:

Piercing Strike ( if it is not Piercing+ x.x)
Recon Support
Long Run
Stress Relief
Focused Defense

Those are the only Skills that i miss.. i hope someone can help me.

P.S. if you know the Skillset the Class need for the Skills it would be rly nice, i just lvled 6 Healer and 4 Mages to get "My Own Pace" x.x

User Info: slognard

3 years ago#2
MIstproof is a DK ability.
Piercing strike is from a valk
I've gotten long run from DK
I got a recon support from a valk

That's all I have.

I'd like to know where the ability to walk though unguarded enemies comes from.

User Info: Zaigou

3 years ago#3
slognard posted...
I'd like to know where the ability to walk through unguarded enemies comes from.

That's Forced Entry. I got it from my own Dark Knight.
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User Info: slognard

3 years ago#4
Thanks. I must need more DKs

User Info: SeraviEdalborez

3 years ago#5
You want to level Rogues or Nobles, and any non-melee that isn't Challenger. Rogues and Nobles will get the full 3 possible passives from the melee-specific ones. Every other melee class only gets 0-2, trimmed from either the "top" or "bottom" of those 3. Likewise, Challenger is the only ranged class that gets 5 passives instead of 6.

Every "Melee" and "non-melee" draws from the exact same 8 possible lists of passives. In the cases below for melee for example, Fighter gets none, Blacksmith/Valkyrie gets the first 2, Dark Knight gets the last 2, Paladin/Lancer gets last 1. Noble/Rogue get all 3.

Melee Type
1: Hazard Sense, Deadly Blow, Focused Defense
2: Hazard Sense, Piercing+, Long Run
3: Mistproof, Side Step, Stress Relief
4: Mistproof, Piercing+, Long Run
5: Parry, Total Defense, Stress Relief
6: Parry, Total Defense, Focused Defense
7: Piercing Strike, Side Step, Forced Entry
8: Piercing Strike, Deadly Blow, Forced Entry

Ranged Type
1: Precision Fire, Side Step, Hit Weak Spot, Deadly Blow, Nuisance Act, Warding Chant
2: Precision Fire, Pandemic, Death March, Deadly Blow, Covert Action, Carry Over
3: Patsy, Pandemic, My Own Pace, Long Sights, Covert Action, Recon Support
4: Patsy, Rocket, Uniform Blow, Dire Straits, Nuisance Act, Warding Chant
5: Parry, Boosted Immunity, Uniform Blow, Warding Chant, Team Support, Carry Over
6: Parry, Side Step, Hit Weak Spot, Long Sights, Team Support, Forced Entry
7: Enemy Profiling, Boosted Immunity, My Own Pace, Warding Chant, Piercing+, Recon Support
8: Enemy Profiling, Rocket, Death March, Dire Straits, Piercing+, Forced Entry

Use the patterns to tell in advance if you're going to learn what you like or not. You will always learn them in these exact orders (obviously with non-support skills in between them).

The observant may also notice that each "slot" is essentially a 1/4 chance of any specific skill. IE the first learned melee passive is always going to be Hazard Sense, Mistproof, Parry, or Piercing Strike.

User Info: SeraviEdalborez

3 years ago#6
Small addendum: "DLC" melee get a little fuzzy with the rules. I have seen bare minimum 2 Valks get Parry and Total Defense on one, but Piercing Strike and Forced Entry on the other. My Dark Knight findings are also a little inconclusive.

That said, they still only get 2 possible passives so I stand by the recommendation of training Rogues or Nobles for the largest chance.
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