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User Info: TheGrowlanser

3 years ago#21
I just noticed it was missing from the extras section. Ridiculous. Besides resolution and maybe better fps, what is the advantage of playing this version? It has more glitches and is missing features such as move support and the dlc.......

User Info: Tryagain82

3 years ago#22
I'm really surprised they didn't include it also. Honestly, that DLC is probably the single best segment of the whole game (probably in large part to it being relatively self-contained and having TONS of different ways to complete it). I wish the whole game was like that level and it's unfathomable as to why they didn't include it.

User Info: Zekethompson22

3 years ago#23
This is really disappointing. I don't see why it would be to much to include this.
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User Info: Havok83

3 years ago#24
Wow, did not realize this. I got rid of my PS3 copy in anticipation of the upgrade
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