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Leetygffh 2 months ago#1
J Sasaki 2 months ago#2
In what areas or aspects do you need help? If you describe situations are that are tough or confusing or whatever, it's easier to give more focused tips.
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Leetygffh 2 months ago#4
Leetygffh posted...
Any tips for new player
Like i just started

MuhammadB 2 months ago#5
Take it slowly and enjoy the sidequests they offer awesome material to upgrade your weapons, get your weapon from factory after you finish first level, always fire your pod while attacking, don’t rush through the main story, first thing you need to buy is more storage chips from the bunker
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doubsohn 1 month ago#6
There is no award for playing in harder difficulties, nor does the game track if you ever change it at any given time, so do not be afraid to do so. This is key: become familiar with the game first, then ramp the difficulty accordingly. Easy to get the hang of everything, Normal is recommended to force you to use everything, and Hard is exactly what it says - you won't be surviving more than two hits without healing. Very Hard is for masochists only.
Dodge as frequently as possible - if you become proficient at it, Overclock chip will be very helpful when you get it. If dark pink bullets are an issue, either equip a chip to destroy them on attack, or air dodge and hover with the pod to give yourself as much air time as possible. Bullets in air battle are easier, just hard attack with triangle and they will be destroyed.
Test which weapons you feel comfortable with, and upgrade. The Pod is great for crowd control, especially Pod Programs, so don't sleep on them.
The quick menu with the D-Pad buttons is easy to ignore and miss, but extremely useful in a pinch and to switch between weapon sets. Play around with it.
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