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  3. I actually hate this game
RomanReigns 5 months ago#1
I ran to get a treasure during the Goliath class attack on the city and it gave me ending H And I lost two levels and two quests that I completed before saving I feel like crying dude
chang3ling 5 months ago#2
Grats, you found a Joke Ending! Sucks for the loss of progress; make sure to Save often :P
~There is no place in this universe beyond my vision's reach. Time is on my side.
SuperVergil 5 months ago#3
Heh. s*** happens.
"Your silence was refreshing, while it lasted."
Tatunen08 2 months ago#4
Lmfao. I remember my first joke ending.
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HentaiMan 2 months ago#5
tee hee ^_^
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marthogly 2 months ago#6
Save often. Very often.
Krazoa2 1 month ago#7
I remember back in the day when people would bash the hell out of Call of Duty for insta-killing you if you walked off the intended path because it was annoying and such lazy game design. Then the ****ers that designed this game decided to throw that dumb concept into an open world action RPG for some reason. And then they even decided to have the nerve to reward you if you found all the spots where the game doesn't let you play like you normally would want to. Even invisible walls, which are still lazy design, are less lazy than this concept.
"You walked 10 meters in the other direction. This means you abandoned your mission and the world exploded. GG."
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doubsohn 1 month ago#8
Tatunen08 posted...
Lmfao. I remember my first joke ending.
[W]e all do.
Sub Tank 1 month ago#9
I hate that this game makes me want the next bipedal robot to walk on high heels
"...on a ps3 a realalistic looking megaman with a huge universe to explore rag dog physics." - Djmidnight1
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  3. I actually hate this game
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