Endings--please advise (spoilers)

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User Info: lamedude45

5 months ago#1
So when I finished Route C for the first time (major spoilers), I chose to finish the game as 9S, and killed A2. I also chose to go with Adam+Eve. Then I got up to change laundry loads. When I returned, I learned I had unlocked Chapter Select mode. Cool!

But now I am reading that I need to start the game over again to attain endings B through E--at which point I will have actually 'completed' the game. My question is: should I go back to "Start Game" on my original save? Or should I load up a specific chapter and play on from there? So confused! Help!
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User Info: chang3ling

5 months ago#2
If you finished Route C, you have A, B, and C (or D) endings.

For C or D and E, Chapter Select to the final Chapter and choose the other Character. The game will ask if you want to delete your save data at some point; you can if you want to be done, but if you want to finish other things without having to play through again you don't have to. Deleting your save data gives you a new load screen I believe.

Edit: From the FAQ:
"Ending E - the End of YoRHa

How to obtain: In the same file where you have Endings C & D and when you have to choose from 9S and A2, pick whichever you want, reach the end credits and when the Pod asks, say yes , accept the Pod's request and tell them you still wish for them to survive and the credits will be cut off."
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