Bayonetta combat?

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User Info: a123454321

11 months ago#1
Does the combat in this play similar to Bayonetta? The game looks interesting, but im not a fan of Bayonetta. As good as it looked, i wasnt a fan of remembering combos and mashing as many button as possible to get a high combo.

So as someone who disliked that combo would i feel the same about this, is it different?


User Info: SupaCaleb0

11 months ago#2
Short answer? No, if you don't like the action gameplay found in games like Bayonetta you won't like this. - A descriptive definition to the overused word "Angst".

User Info: souldiver84

11 months ago#3
Combo layout is pretty simplified in Nier Automata, there's no such thing as a style meter or combo count, however you're free to combine 4 of the element to link your own combo (Light attack, Heavy attack, Type of Pod and Pod Programme)

User Info: a123454321

11 months ago#4
I like action gameplay (Final Fantasy XV fast pace i liked), its more the remembering combos i dont like as it can turn combat into a memory exercise

User Info: ukokira1

11 months ago#5
If you like XV combat you'll love Automata's combat then.

It has combos but they're all incredibly simple, few, and don't require any memorization.

User Info: a123454321

11 months ago#6
Cheers. Will give it a try

User Info: JudeMathis45

11 months ago#7
worth it if u wanna give it a shot go download the demo on ps4 :D

User Info: ablerider

11 months ago#8
Bayonetta's combo system isn't about mashing buttons, it's about keeping the combo uninterrupted and using wicked weaves + torture attacks + witch time to increase the multiplier...

In this game you won't be troubled by a combo score, there aren't that many basic combos just light, strong and a transition between each one but all of them change according to the weapon you've equipped, there is also pod fire and pod programs so don't go expecting a basic combat system like FF XV where you only hold attack and flick the stick every now and then for "combos"

User Info: Ritalinfiend

11 months ago#9
I'm finding this game's combat to be very simple. If you find some basic chips for restoring heath while attacking and keep your weapon upgraded, you can just mash light attack and dodge sometimes. This is on normal difficulty. I'm sure it requires more skill at higher levels probably.
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User Info: Ktimleck

11 months ago#10
It actually has a surprisingly deep combat system (light and heavy chains, transition attacks unique to each weapon pair combination, running attacks, dodge attacks, perfect dodge counters, launchers, held-button attack changes, unique taunts for all weapons, etc.), but it really only requires surface level knowledge for you to get through just fine.
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