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  3. Heavy attacks (in general question)

User Info: TropicalBlast

4 years ago#1
I never liked them, I always thought quick attack and dodge are my fav playstyle, of course that's aside from when it happens to be weakness of the enemy.

I am not talking about buster vs knife, more like triangle vs square in hack and slash and beat 'em up games.

Do you actually prefer to use the triangle most of the time? If yes I am interested to see why.

Despite how much I love hack and slash games I still am not that experienced, also remember this question is in general and not limited to Nier nor Nier Automata.

User Info: Hemerukio

4 years ago#2
I consistently use the quick attacks more than the heavy, but my favorite in beat 'em ups, and indeed in this game as well, is mixing up between quick and heavy (also gives the most stylish and best choreographed attacks, imo).

I use heavy more when the enemy has their back to me while 9S is tanking attacks. Otherwise quick does feel a lot more natural to me.
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User Info: Immortallegion

4 years ago#3
Really depends on the enemy. Ones that are slow I usually do heavies or a mix, and faster ones get light attacks, with the occasional heavy if they're distracted. The boon in heavies, for me, is the stagger on a lot of enemies. Some are unphased by them, but the potential staggers and the sweeping motions help out a lot in particular situations.
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User Info: SammyKneen

4 years ago#4
In my opinion Heavy Attacks are best used as a finisher for a Light Attack Combo. For example in a 5 hit combo, doing 4 Light Attacks by pressing square 4 times and then pressing triangle for one Heavy Attack will result in a finisher where 2B wields both swords at the same time.

They also work well as powerful finisher to end aerial combos.

User Info: Evanz111

4 years ago#5
I grew up with Dynasty Warriors and I don't think I ever didn't use the triangle attacks over the square ones. I loved how much they varied between characters, yet the reassuring consistency with the first being an aerial, the second being a stun, the third being an AoE sweep, the fourth being an AoE aerial etc.
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User Info: mikhdrag

4 years ago#6
For AOE small enemies and it's safe approach to melee the chainsaw enemies. Only used the large swords never used it with other weapons
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User Info: AnnihilatorSol

4 years ago#7
The short swords or small weapon or whatever the heck it's called in this game have terrible dodge attack, so I use the heavy when I dodge attack to use the huge weapon's counter instead of the small weapon. (especially against enemies that don't stagger which is a lot of enemies).

I might try spear or combat when I get better ones, I have the axe that gives +crit cause I somehow think it gives me crit, but I can never tell when a crit happens anyway so whatever placebo I guess.
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