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  3. So disappointing.

User Info: Corinthas

4 months ago#1
Wow how bad is this?
The fact i cant skip the bull.. sorry story.. is just a turn off. And that's for the best of them... but this wooden dialogue.. lol nope.
First village... cut scene to the blind lady FOR NOTHING! WOW!
Opening drawers involves, look, grab, open... jeez!
What's-her-names house.. yep a "taking your shoes off cut-scene" just to get on that raised platform where the fire-pit is... you know coz why not.
Loved the dreamcast, loved 1 and 2... but this is taking the mickey, sorry.
Good job i didn't buy it.
(edited 4 months ago)

User Info: BrownPack

4 months ago#2
Agreed, opening drawers needs a fix. it's actually less effective now, considering you have to look, grab, open, and then repeat on the next drawer, instead of just going directly from it after opening the first.

Yes, taking off your shoes just to get on the raised platform in Shenhua's house is dumb

The game does get better. My gripe is the stamina. I hate how it exists in a way that you have to eat, and to get food you have to spend money.

Also, Ryo went through how much in the first two games, learning martial arts and becoming such an effective fighter, and yet once he got to China, we're supposed to believe he's garbage now?

User Info: ChosenOneUK

3 months ago#3
I think instead of thugs they could have used chiyomen fighters and could have been more believable in losing

User Info: MiIkMan

1 month ago#4
Yeah, the drawer thing is an issue for me. Something so simple they managed to f*** up, even when they had such a basic thing figured out 20 years ago. It's quite incredible.
Milk, man.
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  3. So disappointing.
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