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justinpoulson 2 months ago#1
why doesn't breach work?
Metsys1 2 months ago#2
because god house mode isnt due to shield or reflect.
use sleep
Greymind 2 months ago#3
Just destroy the Hands lol
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justinpoulson 2 months ago#4
it started resisting sleep
justinpoulson 2 months ago#5
not mention the cutter and sweeper
TrueMallowman 2 months ago#6
God House Mode is an instant win for you if you bring Time Materia. Cast Stop on one of the arms and it'll freeze the whole boss. Then just break the arm for a free stagger.
justinpoulson 2 months ago#7
tried stop as well didn't win either
Unit198_TypeA 2 months ago#8
Key for the fight in my opinion is to be patient with it, and really be aggressive about it's elemental weaknesses when it gets them.

The topic thread I linked you in your airbuster topic can help get a better visual of the fight.
Ignoring Synergy, which does minimal damage for that specific fight, the same approach can be done in the PS4 version to knock it out.
SheenavsKilley 2 months ago#9
There's an easy way to win on youtube. It's so detailed you won't believe it.
justinpoulson 2 months ago#10
which video?
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