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User Info: Janseh1983

2 months ago#11
redmagelala posted...
So I did use Gotterdammerung but I saved the Ascension for when Tifa did Dolphin Blow which happened after Barret's Fire in the Hole. I did all that after Cloud summoned Bahamut and Megaflare happened. It was then down to Overcharge -> Rise and Shine -> Infinity's End that finished the boss.

Now THAT was a challenge. Everyone got to under 500 HP twice.

I was using Buster Sword, Chain Bangle, Gotterdammerung, Leather Knuckle, Cog Bangle, Transference Module, Gatling Gun, Supreme Bangle and Salvation Badge.

For Materia
Cloud had: Lightning maxed linked with Elemental maxed, Fire maxed, HP Up maxed, Revival maxed, HP Up maxed and Bahamut in the Buster Sword. Healing maxed and Prayer maxed, Steadfast Block maxed and MP Up maxed in Chain Bangle. 9999 HP and 151 MP when Cloud entered the fight.

Tifa had: Lightning maxed linked with Elemental maxed, Ice maxed, HP Up maxed, Time maxed, Deadly Dodge maxed and Shiva in the Leather Gloves. Healing maxed, MP Up maxed and Revival maxed in the Cog Bangle. 7537 HP and 132 MP at the start.

Barret had: Fire maxed, HP Up, Wind maxed, HP Up maxed, Prayer maxed, Provoke maxed and Ifrit in the Gatling Gun. Healing, MP Up maxed and Revival maxed in the Supreme Bracer. 9999 HP and 116 MP when the fight started.

Cloud was who I used most of the fight and I saved ATB for Prayer or Infinity's End, like I usually do. Tifa was least used but she got off a lot of ATB so she got her Dolphin Blow eventually. And Barret was just the Prayer spam healer.

I'm Lv50, 250 hours and 2 million gil. I thought this would be hard but it was barely harder than solo Fat Chocobo on Hard Mode.

Wait you want it to be Hard but are yet using Elemental materia, Gotterdammerung etc which one is it.

User Info: Fizaga

2 months ago#12
Solo it, just that. Hardest challenges are soloing bosses.

Airbuster - solo with Tifa

If you’re looking for challenges, the ultimate challenge is probably Weiss solo with Aerith.

In other words, attempt a solo with the character least suited to that opponent.

User Info: saint_zodiac

2 months ago#13
I was thinking of doing Airbuster clean on Hard just for the challenge.
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  3. How to make the Airbuster more difficult (Hard Mode)
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