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  3. Did Compilation (AC, CC, DoC) help or hurt the narrative of 7

User Info: Bustersword43

1 week ago#1
Did Compilation (AC, CC, DoC) help or hurt the narrative of 7 - Results (157 votes)
Tarnish but not severely
32.48% (51 votes)
It severely tarnished it
38.22% (60 votes)
No impact
5.73% (9 votes)
It somewhat helped it
15.29% (24 votes)
It greatly helped it
8.28% (13 votes)
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Title says it all.
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User Info: 1Tekkaman

1 week ago#2
Severely tarnished, save for Advent Children providing the critical service of showing the gang survived Meteorfall (OG's ending was nigh-worthless). Also liked how Shinra was handled, especially Rufus trolling Kadaj. Otherwise, complete and utter drek, especially Crisis Core.
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User Info: Wiegraf_Folles

1 week ago#3
The compilation is mostly s***, but I wouldn’t say it tarnishes anything from the OG.

Like the new characters were awful, it fetis***ed Cloud’s angst, there was too much angst in general, retcons, inconsistent super powers, portions that only exist in Japanese, and a real “milked it for all its worth and kept on tugging” feel to it.

But, much like how I can still go back and read ASOIF years after game of thrones jumped the shark, I’ve never had any problems disassociating the OG from the compilation.

It was very clearly created after the fact, and has little barring on the OG, which wasn’t created with a compilation in mind.
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User Info: Aeneas11

1 week ago#4
Severely tarnished it sadly and the remake is desperately trying to gather it all together (and add new stuff) which is a really difficult task.

User Info: million_suns

1 week ago#5
It definitely diminished the impact of the OG.

While I read the ending of OG differently to most people, my biggest issue with the Compilation was how it made Meteorfall just seem like another in a long line of apocalyptic near-misses for the planet.
Given that all of said near-misses are a direct result of Shinra influence, they should by no means be redeemed so easily in AC/DoC.

User Info: shababboss

1 week ago#6
I can feel tears flowing down Tekka's face everytime Crisis Core is mentioned. I'll never know how that game traumatized him this bad considering he never played it

User Info: 1Tekkaman

1 week ago#7
Someone actually voted "greatly helped"? I am honestly stunned.
I swim through a sea of stars. . . .

User Info: Gradieus

1 week ago#8
They're bad but they never tarnished the OG. I've never seen anyone online say "ff7 on ps1 sucks because of crisis core".

It just doesn't make any sense. Don't like it then ignore it problem solved.

User Info: Zennou

1 week ago#9
As individual narratives tacked on after the fact? f***ing awful. Crisis Core (not Genesis) and small pieces of Advent Children were worthwhile, but most of Advent Children and all of Dirge of Cerberus was total s***. I can't speak so much on the novelization, but Leslie as a character is also s*** and it's really creepy that he's portrayed in such a positive light.

In terms of what we've got as they try to connect the compilation content within the context of the original story in Remake? What they've done so far has worked very well, connecting the more interesting narrative threads without totally inundating us with the bulls*** associated with the compilation titles. It's difficult to ask for better than that in this first part exactly because it was done well, and in particular because they explicitly wanted to connect it this way so we were always gonna get something along these lines for better or worse. As long as they don't lean into bulls*** like making half of a game's enemies Genesis clones it should be fine. I cannot fathom that it would ever devolve into Dirge of Cerberus's degree of s*** writing at the very least.
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User Info: crono12064

1 week ago#10
Gradieus posted...
They're bad but they never tarnished the OG. I've never seen anyone online say "ff7 on ps1 sucks because of crisis core".

It's possible a prospective new fan was introduced to FFVII's universe through the compilation but was deterred enough to the point that they'd never try FFVII.

Even cursory searches of "Final Fantasy VII' on a search engine used to yield Compilation results mixed in with the original game, although nowadays FFVIIR shows up more instead.

Zennou posted...
small pieces of Advent Children were worthwhile

Yeah, as much as I didn't like the movie, I will say that much about it. Specifically how we got to see more of Cloud's true self, with his redesign and new weapon being emblematic of that.

(edited 1 week ago)
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