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User Info: TehSpecialOne

4 weeks ago#1
I saved all those mega potions for my hard run to find out there's no items :(

Apart from that I didn't have any problems with it, obviously thought there was some strange choices with the story, and it would've been nice to play as red xiii but I get why you can't.

Didn't want it to end though, knowing where the story goes it's a shame you have to stop and wait however many years instead of playing the game all the way through.
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User Info: OldKye

4 weeks ago#2
I think they figured since most players save all their potions until the end of the game and never use them in RPGs that no one would notice lol.

It does feel odd though.
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User Info: FinalFantasyVII

4 weeks ago#3
they knew what they were doing

User Info: Kohelo

4 weeks ago#4
The benches should restore only HP in all modes. That would have made items a bit more important.

User Info: Reeupmvp

4 weeks ago#5
I honestly feel they didnt want you to replenish mp so easily but that's why you couldn't buy ethers in the original. Taking out a chunk of strategy in hard mode is kind of weird but boy is it effective
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  3. What really annoys me about this game
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