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  3. Is this game a 10/10 for you?

User Info: IreVH

1 week ago#31
manugarciac posted...
10 should mean perfect. If you didn't like something and loses points because of that, how does it go back up because you liked something else?

Huh? Like I said, the combat system made up for it. It's 20/10. And I'm not saying I didn't like the story. In fact it's only confusing the first time I finished it it but after replaying the game on Hard mode the confusions cleared up.
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User Info: Nirvanas_Nox

1 week ago#32
9/10. its an amazing game its one of my top games. id give it a 10 but there are those QoL issues that if taken care of would get this game a 10/10
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User Info: recompex

1 week ago#33
9/10. If they launched a patch to fix those texture issues then it will go 10/10.

User Info: Ganiam

1 week ago#34
Maybe a 9/10. But it's definitely my GOTY so far

I loved what they did with the story. There were maybe one or two parts that I found a bit tedious (the robot hand thing, for example) but otherwise, I really enjoyed every second of it.

Plus hard mode made it even better for me. I love this type of challenge and I'm excited to dive back into it.
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(edited 1 week ago)
Glad we can see the haters are just a vocal minority. Not that it wasn't obvious before!

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9/10. The characters are fleshed out and developed beautifully, this is easily one of my favorite action RPG combat systems ever, I'm alright with most of the plot changes, and the game looks gorgeous in motion.

Where it loses points in my book is being relatively small, and managing to still feel a bit padded despite being relatively small (the texture problems are whatever: I'll dock 0.1 of a point). Still, though, great game and my current GOTY frontrunner.

That said, of recent Square Enix releases I'd probably put it behind Dragon Quest XI and XIV: Shadowbringers.
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(edited 1 week ago)
how the ehck am i supposed to know lol

User Info: Monadobuster

1 week ago#38
10/10 for me as well even though I know some things can be improved. I have full faith that SE will pull through so I’m not worried
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User Info: trimmzy

1 week ago#39
9/10 looking back, but a 10/10 when I played it lol.

User Info: Alastor-10

1 week ago#40
Exceeded my expectations. I was pretty impressed with it which does not happen to often. Big improvement from everything else they've made in the last 15+ years. So yeah, 10/10, sure. I 'll give it to them.
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  3. Is this game a 10/10 for you?
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