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  3. If this game didn't have FF, would it receive the same insane devotion ?

User Info: TrueGB

1 week ago#171
It's undeniable much of this game's appeal comes from the "FF" and "7" in its title. That's not up for debate.

innercredible posted... I get along with most people honestly and most topics usually have civil conversations. I didn't actively search out Gwyn here, but he did so for me.

He actually believes he has a right to troll people. He said so to me straight up.

It's amazing how many people around here go full stupid if you say anything against their favourite games. I've actually enjoyed reading Gwynn's posts for years, then I disagree with him for one little thing and he goes...well, okay, he didn't go nuts, but he did get snarky and then admitted he likes to troll people and has every right to go into the forums of games he doesn't have any interest of playing just to annoy fans of said games. Like, seriously, who does that? When people say things against my favourite games, I don't like it, but I don't start throwing insults.
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User Info: nedrith

1 week ago#172
It goes both ways:

all the complaints about this change to the story or that change wouldn't happen if it didn't have FF in the title. There are a lot of complaints that wouldn't happen if it didn't have FF in the title.

I think it would have gotten the same great score if it didn't have FF in the title.
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User Info: Jason_Hudson

1 week ago#173
If it was the exact same game but without Final Fantasy attached to it? Probably wouldn't be as successful.

I would likely still like it, though I'd have no prior attachment to the characters (but at the same time, I played the original for the first time less than a year before FFVIIR came out, so it's not like I've got childhood nostalgia). I know I genuinely liked the game, and I know I'd not have any concern about story changes if it was a new IP, but it's a very hard question to actually answer.
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User Info: DanielsonsXe

1 week ago#174
Shinobuden posted...
gets thrown around here like it's a tissue handout
Ew! Why are you throwing tissue!? Is it used? That's unsanitary.
villanut32 posted...
Would this game have been as accepted if it didn't have the FFVII name to back it up?
No, if it didn't have the FF name on it, SE would have sued the motherf***ers that ripped them off and the game would never have seen the light of day.
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User Info: DanielsonsXe

1 week ago#175
Gandalf the Istari posted...
MySnakesSolid posted...
Anyone who says things like "walking corridor simulator"..."graphics are awful".... "battle system is a joke" etc. etc. are exaggerating and hating.

If people were to be real and fair with their criticisms that would be fine, but that's not the case.

No they wouldn't. I've literally said over and over "good game, minor additive problems, divisive ending" and I get treated like I'm a trolling hater. So I just don't believe you.
Might have something to do with posts like

Gandalf the Istari posted...
"Just be positive. Positive vibes onlylyyyyY!1!11111!1!!"

Keep it on instagram Brittany.

Gandalf the Istari posted...
"we're not fanboys we swear"

"it's perfect don't say hurtful things about it."

Sure, Jan.

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User Info: RoIIaRova

1 week ago#176
TC, you're correct. If this wasn't FF, but particularly FF7, it would be panned given the obviously incomplete story and clunky game structure
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User Info: Gwyns_Beard

1 week ago#177
If this was FF16 and ended on obvious sequel bait and on a final boss that was just us beating destiny, one of the most generic and played out tropes in JRPGs, it would be seen in a similar light as XV.

Traded a massive empty world for a small empty world, upgraded the gameplay and made one of the worst endings in the entire franchise history.

"10/10 GotY Contender" just isn't a phrase I feel is applicable here.
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User Info: emagdnE

1 week ago#178

Note how most of Square Enix's titles that don't have "Final Fantasy" or "Dragon Quest" in the title don't even get off the ground unless they leech off Disney. Trials of Mana released around the same time as FF7R, but did anyone give a f***?

And hell, Square Enix's subsidiary got a f***ing Avengers title coming up. Yet it seems less people care for it than they did Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3. (Who's bright idea was it to treat M.O.D.O.K. as an Avengers level threat? Seriously.)

And look how Takahashi managed much better with his Xeno____ titles under Namco and especially Nintendo. Even on jRPG centric GameFAQs you probably won't find many people who can name a single Xenogears character. But at least half the website knows KOS-MOS.

Squaresoft was literally about to die until FF1 (aka DQ but with actual combat animations and monsters stolen right from D&D) saved the company. They were never ANYTHING without FF. And they never will be.
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User Info: Shinobuden

1 week ago#179
DanielsonsXe posted...
Ew! Why are you throwing tissue!? Is it used? That's unsanitary.

Don't worry, I only throw the used ones at people I don't like. I have some unused if you'd like one.

villanut32 posted...
No worries, I'm as guilty of derailing the topic.
That said I am genuinely curious on the original question.

Would this game have been as accepted if it didn't have the FFVII name to back it up?

No. I think it would've been quickly forgotten as other more interesting games came out.
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User Info: ShadowFight2

1 week ago#180
If this game isn't FF then most of the complaints would actually disappear. The story fillers and changes won't be necessary anymore.

I would be down for a game that uses FF7R's battle system but with an original story.
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  3. If this game didn't have FF, would it receive the same insane devotion ?
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