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User Info: _pluizig_

1 week ago#41
lightningxiii-2 posted...
Fact. I'm really surprised to see how many people prefer the story of a video game. Why don't they watch movies instead? Focusing on the story is not good for game development. Games that put too much emphasis on the story tend to have weak gameplay and very low replay value.

Games with a weak story have no replay value to me. Zero percent chance.
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User Info: 1Tekkaman

1 week ago#42
_pluizig_ posted...
Games with a weak story have no replay value to me. Zero percent chance.
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User Info: Gynthaeres

1 week ago#43
Story is more important. A good RPG can have no combat at all.

Heck one of the best RPGs of all time, Planescape: Torment? That game suffered because they forced a bunch of combat encounters into it. Everything else was sublime, and would've been better without the fighting.

And "no combat" doesn't mean "no gameplay". Referring to the above example, Planescape: Torment was FULL of puzzles, exploration, and most important to an RPG IMO, dialogue choices and consequences.
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User Info: FireMage72

1 week ago#44
InfinityOver0 posted...
Oh yeah, the writing in games is just so much better than tv shows, movies, novels and comic books. Oh wait, no it isnt, its extremely amateurish in comparison

First off no, writing is writing and there is nothing about a video game that automatically makes it writing for one amateurish by comparison. 2nd the level of immersion in any of those forms of media can't be replicated
1Tekkaman posted...
And to say story focus limits replay value is nonsensical in the extreme.

Look at the games that focus on the story to see what is nonsense.

Xyphas posted...
Everything from interacting with the world, how it interacts with you, interactions with characters and enemies, even the music help convey story.

Those are mostly about the gameplay. And the music is a totally different story.

Xyphas posted...
What makes rpgs fun is the amount of interactivity you get placing yourself into these longer stories. I mean people probably like rpgs because they remind them of longer movies or TV series, yet still a game at the same time.

It seems it's not just RPGs, though. People seem to care too much about the story in other genres too. And it's not just the gamers either. It's the critics too.
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User Info: GGG100

1 week ago#46
Don't really care much about the battle system as long as it's functional but story is what differentiates a good RPG from a bad one.

User Info: 1Tekkaman

1 week ago#47
Look at the games that focus on the story to see what is nonsense.
The Suikoden and Trails series are both very story-focused, and are among the best in the genre. I rank both over any Final Fantasy.
I swim through a sea of stars. . . .
(edited 1 week ago)

User Info: Alkamizt

1 week ago#48
As long as the gameplay is good, I dont care much for the story.

In Witcher 3, I enjoyed being a roaming Witcher and doing sidequests more than chasing Ciri everywhere.

In RDR2 i liked just being a cowboy and doing my own thing rather than hearing the next wacky plan from Dutch.

Dragons Dogma is one of my favorite games and has no story.

Linear games like FF13 force you to follow the bad story with bad characters.

Stories are better in books and movies because they dont have to focus on the hero or "chosen one" constantly. Fallout tends to have decent stories, because choices allow different playthrus and endings.

Stories shouldnt be all too important. FF7 is one of my favorites, but i can admit the story is downright bad at times.

User Info: omgseal

1 week ago#49
These results honestly make me angry. I can play a game with no story. I can't really do the opposite. Though I suppose there are visual novels. Which sound absolutely miserable. None of my favorite games are my favorite because of the story. It may be a part of it. This kind of s*** is the reason people pretend Super Paper Mario is a good game. I knew I shouldn't have clicked on this thread. Just so I could pretend to not know the s***ty answer, even though I knew what the results would be.
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User Info: MalakTawus

1 week ago#50
All i can say reading this topic is that the people that are trying to tell others what between the two options is factually "better" are just fools......and ironicaly that's a FACT 'cause only a fool would try to determine objectively something that instead is clearly 100% subjective -_-
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(edited 1 week ago)
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