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  3. What's more important in an RPG? Story or Battle System?

User Info: gamerguy7

1 week ago#11
Both are important.

But i'll quit playing a game with a bad battle system sooner than I'd quit a game with a bad story.

User Info: Rex915

1 week ago#12
manugarciac posted...
Yeah, some people say that, that's why I made the poll. I disagree with you though, I even like games like Until Dawn where gameplay is pretty much non existent. Don't take it the wrong way, I'm not saying you can't like the battle system over story, that's just personal, your reasoning is what I disagree with, it being a game and not a book.

I love games like Until Dawn! Actually just finished a playthrough of the Phoenix Wright trilogy. My answer was strictly within the context of RPGs, though.

User Info: sano83

1 week ago#13
There is more chances that I would drop a video game because the story is crap than I would drop a video game because the gameplay is crap. That said, I only played a few hours of the Witcher (the first one) and said "this is not for me" and stopped playing it cause I did not liked the gameplay aspects.

User Info: RebelofDaNew

1 week ago#14
If the story's bad, the gameplay needs to be very, very good.
If the gameplay's bad, the story needs to be very, very good.

Both are subjective.
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User Info: Thrasher7170

1 week ago#15
It’s not even a debate. The battle system is your primary method of interaction with the world. If that’s not good at a bare minimum, your game is going to suck.
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User Info: darkjeremie

1 week ago#16
It really depends what type of RPG it is. Some of them clearly have a stronger emphasis on story while some focus on the battle system/gameplay without being a problem at all due to the way it plays. Still, if a RPG wants to try to be a good game with a good plot, both are equally important because the story will be affected by the presentation of the game while the game itself will be enhanced if the story makes certain sequence memorable such as climatic boss encounters and the final boss fight.

That being said, I think music shouldn't be taken lightly too since it can drastically enhance both story and gameplay.
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User Info: Xyphas

1 week ago#17
Niether. This is the problem with a lot of modern rpgs. Each element needs a good amount of focus. The battle system, the story and characters, the music, content etc.

All the top rated JRPGs have this.

Final Fantasy battle systems werent that great, yet here we are over 20 years later and the series is still going strong. So the battle system argument is moot.

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User Info: dmcd93

1 week ago#18
Good story > Good battle system.
Ideally you want a balance of both, but games like Nier (bad combat, good story) are far more enjoyable to me than something with the inverse; 80% of Tales games, for example.
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User Info: 1Tekkaman

1 week ago#19
Story is what sets an RPG apart from other genres. Battle system is important, granted, but I can more easily forgive a subpar combat engine than bad writing in such a game. Only game I can think of where the story didn't make up for weak combat for me is Xenosaga II; battle system is downright painful.
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User Info: greenfire4m

1 week ago#20
I think both are just about equally important but I would give a slight edge to the battle system because a game without an engaging "game" element is a movie.
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