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3 days ago#41
behindtheword posted...
Well developed doesn't mean a good protagonist. He's kind of along for the ride because he has to. His only other main attribute is giving Yuna enough laughs to handle her situation and give her the courage to attempt to change the direction of the summoner's path. However it's all Auron and Yuna guiding the story along.

Of all the protagonists in the FF series, Tidus and Vaan are the two weakest and most ineffectual and unimportant. At the least Tidus' is required for the end result given his connection to his father. However this makes him a pawn, not a shaper of events.

I mean I don't think "shaper of events" makes anyone a good protagonist either. You can revolve a story around character that's mostly a passenger, but if the character is interesting, gets good development, etc. they still make a good protagonist. Tidus story isn't about shaping the events, but more like telling his story in unknown world, searching answers why he ended up there, why Jetch is gone etc.
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User Info: Aegus

3 days ago#42
Why do people hate Zidane so much?

User Info: XxGhaleonxX

3 days ago#43
behindtheword posted...
Yeah, as much as I love the revamped WD, XSeed, it's not the same. The level of detail, the consideration. The booklets, the special boxes in the boxes to hold the trinkets. What they did with Arc the Lad was amazing. Took a simple game without a clear cut storyline and made worked in a storyline that was both very well written and executed, but matched nicely with the second game.

Like you, I'm very glad I had the luck of experiencing that era of thoughtfulness and artful dedication and love for good games.

Now if only NISA would attempt to at least walk back their current practices to match their initial offerings, then take a page and follow Atlus and Xseed. I don't see us ever going beyond what Xseed does. I hope I'm wrong on that. I definitely plan to pass on those treasures to my kids some day (no kids yet, but one day).

Most definitely. I still hate myself for selling my WD games but I was out of a job years ago and had no choice really.

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blitz_0623 posted...
The bottom half is okay. But

* Tidus top 3
* Noctis and Cecil over Squall
* Not sure how I feel about Zidane as #1 since he almost had no flaws outside of his incident in Terra

Zidane is very flawed. His obsession with Garnet is what ultimately gets Blank petrified as he leaves his adopted family behind to get her. His need to save Kuja is also what takes him away from the party for a year and is ultimately absent for Vivi's last moments.

His altruism is both a boon and a curse.
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User Info: tfwnolife

3 days ago#45
behindtheword posted...
However this makes him a pawn, not a shaper of events.
This can be said for a good chunk of FF protagonists.
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Aegus posted...
Why do people hate Zidane so much?
Some ppl think hes too flawless
Others just dont like uplifting ppl i guess
Zidane is great i still got Cecil ahead tho

User Info: orah

3 days ago#47
surprised and happy zidane is no 1 but lighting is yet again undercut.

User Info: ManaYuka

3 days ago#48
Zidane is flawed. He’s selfish. He admits this and we see it over the course of the game. As previously said, his obsession over garnet gets him into trouble. He’s obsessed with her not because she’s pretty, but rather he is always looking for a family/place to call home, and thinks Garnet is that. He will sacrifice everything for that. As aforementioned, when he goes to Terra he abandons everyone because he finally finds that home- then he ignores everyone once his soul was taken, but thanks to his friends he created his own soul over the course of the game and finds his place again.

And people saying he saved Kuja just cause that’s who he is- no. He tells kuja why he did it. It’s cause he knew without his friends and his circumatances, he would have followed in Kuja’s footsteps. He did it out of pity, not self righteousness.
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User Info: Bartz

3 days ago#49
Bartz should obviously be #1. Garbage list.

User Info: 1Tekkaman

3 days ago#50
Bartz posted...
Bartz should obviously be #1. Garbage list.
Bartz is solid, but far from the best.
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