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Give that to me.
You know that s***s about to go down when a teacher walks in a class wearing combat boots, utility vest and a grin that can take on the world.

User Info: Mecurisu

4 days ago#12
I don't need it have one already, good luck everyone

User Info: EchoPianist

4 days ago#13
I’d like to join!

User Info: LightningXlll

4 days ago#14
Please add me to the raffle

User Info: bubbaX

4 days ago#15
please add me i willl love youu
Mad Cartoonist is the very best dissida player ever!

User Info: Reaper_1985

4 days ago#16
I'm in!

User Info: Damone

4 days ago#17

User Info: tfwnolife

4 days ago#18
I would very much appreciate a Tita theme.
Posts look better with sigs.

User Info: NashLatkje1

4 days ago#19
I'm in. Save me a few calories.
lmao ddwilliams rekt

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