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  3. do you listen to video game music?

User Info: Dropped_Emil

5 days ago#71
Of course. Lately, I listen mostly to the soundtracks from the Nier games and some FFXV.

I also listen to the video game music playlists that Spotify recommends me based off of what I listen to the most.
I'm not sure.

User Info: KotomineKirei

5 days ago#72
I do not listen to video game music all of the time, but my favorite soundtracks are...

-Baroque (PS1/Saturn)
-Castlevania: IV/Curse of Darkness/Lament of Innocence/Rondo of Blood/Symphony of the Night
-Chrono Cross
-Final Fantasy VIII/X
-Frozen Synapse/Red
-The Legend of Dragoon
-The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
-NieR/NieR: Automata
-No More Heroes 2
-Parasite Eve
-Persona 1-5 (the remake soundtrack for the first game)
-Shin Megami Tensei I-IV/if.../Apocalypse/Soul Hackers/Digital Devil Saga
-Silent Hill (most of them)
-Spyro 1-2
-Syndicate (2012)
-System Shock 1-2
-VA-11 HALL-A Prologue/Second Round
-The World Ends with You
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Almost exclusively.
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User Info: omgseal

5 days ago#74
I love video game music. I used to listen to it a lot but generally I prefer the quite now. I get bad headaches and have a generally high stress level so silence is golden if I'm not doing something. The pain causes the stress, not the other way around.
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User Info: NovaWingz

5 days ago#75
I look up video game music a lot When im idle, but i never use that as my choice of music when im doing things like driving, (except for last surprise from P5), walking, cleaning, etc.

User Info: Jidgeeboy

5 days ago#76
I listen to video game music all the time. It's far, far better than the music bands and artists put out nowadays. Never been big on that kind of music ever since I was a kid.

User Info: bubbaX

5 days ago#77
MasterLink2012 posted...
Of course!
Xenoblade Chronicles
Dragon Age
Sonic the Hedgehog
Donkey Kong Country
YS Series
Legend of Zelda.

.. Just to name a few

omg donket country yesss

i listen to that alot too!
also dk 64 “creepy castle” and “frantic factory” been obsessded with

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User Info: bubbaX

5 days ago#78
I neee to save this thread you guys gave me suggestions i never would of guessed!
Mad Cartoonist is the very best dissida player ever!

User Info: Specaldorf

5 days ago#79
During dota 2 i use these

On the street on my phone i use this severely hidden gem that everybody should look into no matter who u r

ff14 version of ff8 boss music during the raids:

Ive been using this one for over a decade now.

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User Info: LionHartZero

4 days ago#80
Tifas_Man posted...
I listen to Super Mario World songs. It was my first video game thanks to my mom, bless her soul.
Super Mario 64 — Dire Dire Docks

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