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User Info: darkjeremie

1 week ago#61
Yes and it all started with my father buying a NES when I was around 5 or 6 years old. My first video game ever was the original Mega Man and Fire Man's stage is what initially got me to like music in general. He also had the special ability to renting fantastic games. One of those games was Ninja Warriors Again which, along with Golden Axe 2 became the games that forever cemented my love of video game music with both of their stage music theme.

There are so many video games with music I like to listen to nowadays and it'd be hard to make a full list of games I like listening music from. People who don't understand why people enjoy video game music or who thinks it can't compare with music outside of games quite frankly come off as people who come in with that mentality with no intention to change it or their knowledge of video game music is incredibly limited to only mainstream games and no, that's not a jab at those games since they're capable of having great music but many of them have a tendency to have pretty generic soundtracks that just serve as a throwaway sort of thing.

There's so many games nowadays from so many eras and so many use different genres with some having a more retro style while some follow a more modern sound to them and EACH of them have their own charm with some being masterfully done. Touhou Project is pretty notable for having so many games with many of them having excellent but cheap sounding music which fan circles have improved, arranged, remixed, etc. into close to 7000 albums with basically all music genres, vocals, instrumental, etc. and that's before bringing up the fan games that have their own arranges or original compositions that are fantastic.

Anyway, a very small list of my favorites to listen to includes games from many eras and they include

Alcahest (If you like SNES era Kirby music, I highly recommend this game's OST)
Battle Garegga
Castlevania series (Primarily IV, Rondo of Blood and SoTN)
DOOM (original series and many WADS and remixes including the one of Icarus: Alien Vanguard)
Final Fantasy XI
Ginga Force
King of Fighters series
Mamorukun has been Cursed
Mega Man X5 and X6
Melty Blood (and Under Night) series
Raiden V
SaGa series
Strawberry Bose Touhou RPG trilogy (especially the third game, Nightmare of Rebellion)
SMW Hack music (Red&Green being a favorite composer)
Touhou arranges (Favorites includes MUON KAGURA, C-CLAYS, SOUND HOLIC, R-Note, Silver Forest, etc.)
Touhou fan games (Shoot Shoot Nitori the Golden, Koukayaku, anything with Sound Sepher music, etc.)
Turrican series

A few I dislike includes DOOM 2016 (Sorry, not my type of music), Undertale (Sorry, not my type of retro music), anything with very boring and generic orchestral music, anything that uses actual vocals during gameplay (except in very special cases such as certain boss fights and even then, I rarely like it) and anything that uses music that feel doesn't fit at all with the game or a situation (I love FFXIV's soundtrack but I feel it has some really big stinkers for many boss themes).
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User Info: GonnaeNo

1 week ago#62
KarmelCHAOS posted...
People who never listen to music are so weird, like I legit couldn't imagine not listening to music every day.

I never listen to music at home, I find it distracting.

I laughed because as soon as my neighbor is home, he has music on until he goes to bed and I always call him weird for doing that.

That would drive me nuts.

User Info: Rainierman

1 week ago#63
More so than mainstream music actually.

But I listen to all music.

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Absolutely, love FF, KH and Persona music the most. Going to NY October 3rd to see the remake concert. Really into anime music as well.
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User Info: JamesBR27

1 week ago#65
While playing or on youtube.
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User Info: s_dubs

1 week ago#66
Sure. As said already, Soken (the composer for FFXIV) has been killing it since 2013 when ARR launched, but he's especially killing it in Shadowbringers. (spoilers in the videos btw, so listen but don't actually watch if that matters to you)


And for some more mellow tracks.


And of course the main theme, sung by the same guy who sung "Rules of Nature" J. C. Miller.

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User Info: raonn

1 week ago#67
Of course. Video game music are part of the reason I started studying music.

KarmelCHAOS posted...
People who never listen to music are so weird, like I legit couldn't imagine not listening to music every day.
You got it sir, I tend to think that people who doesn't like music and/or study law have no soul.
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Almost exclusively.
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User Info: Ertrick36

1 week ago#69
KarmelCHAOS posted...
People who never listen to music are so weird, like I legit couldn't imagine not listening to music every day.
I feel like they have some strange anomalous condition in their brains. Like, how could you not at least enjoy a nice beat, rhythm, or melody? And it seems like it'd be kinda sad not being able to enjoy any music.

Anyway, my music tastes definitely dip into games. The following games/franchises stand out to me as having terrific soundtracks:
Ace Combat
Metal Gear
Fire Emblem (I've seen some people criticize some of these tracks - I guess they can just live their lives content with being objectively wrong)
Mass Effect
The Legend of Zelda
The Sims (mostly the first and second games' non-radio tracks)
Super Smash Bros (the few completely original tracks the series has... though the remixes are cool, too)

Will also say some games introduced me to a lot of artists and songs that I really enjoy, namely the Tony Hawk and Grand Theft Auto games.

User Info: flip4stackz

1 week ago#70
Persona 5 OST and Chrono Trigger OST are the 2 GOATS
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