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User Info: Rkss

2 weeks ago#11
AC is still the best. Too bad the plot sucks donkey's dick and it has ruined FF7 compilation forever for me
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User Info: Tifas_Man

2 weeks ago#12
When you say OG, which model do you mean? Battle? FMV? Artwork? ....Field?

OG Battle model
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User Info: dentedsky

2 weeks ago#13
I couldn't stand her voice actor but design wise AC was the best.
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User Info: Zack_Attackv1

2 weeks ago#14

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User Info: crono12064

2 weeks ago#15
Never been a fan of nor understood the appeal of zettai ryouiki, but I feel like it's fitting for Tifa design-wise. Her stockings combined with her long gloves from the original makes for a more balanced design.

Besides, she's cute AF in the remake.
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User Info: MalakTawus

2 weeks ago#16
The remake version, even if AC is also not bad 'cause she has a more mature look there (as she should since she IS more mature in AC,lol)
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