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User Info: PrinceSquare

1 week ago#71
Like everyone has stated. Sex sells. We have a booming porn/sex industries because of it.

But I don't know anyone who really goes out of there way to watch and play something because of the sexual scenes. It might be a small aspect, but not the selling point.

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User Info: ImaginBreaker

1 week ago#72
Speaking of. Does Aerith still have her big hips and butt in this or did they tone her down?
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User Info: Katanab

1 week ago#73
IT SELLS to creepy people that buy those kinda crap
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User Info: JamesBR27

1 week ago#74
Its true, sex sells, and thats why games are being more popular every year on PC. Mods. You need to know how many games have sensual, sexual or nude mods. I already said so here more than thrice, when FF VII Remake releases for PC, there will be sensual, sexual and nude mods for Tifa, Aeris and Jessie.
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(edited 1 week ago)
I'm not the least bit ashamed to say I enjoy looking at pretty ladies, in marketing and otherwise. But I also am very stingy and something like that will never make me part with money. I have yet to eat at Carl's Jr.

And really, with the widespread and easy access to porn, I think sex is probably LESS important in other things. Anyone who wants to see sex, or just erotica, can, at any time, for free. No one needs to rely on images clipped out of magazines or underwear catalogues any more. At the same time, some cleavage is just, like, "meh." It's no longer particularly exciting in a world that annually has a topless parade down Main Street.
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(edited 1 week ago)
ImaginBreaker posted...
Speaking of. Does Aerith still have her big hips and butt in this or did they tone her down?

I'm drunk as a skunk and you saying that conjured up images of her ass sticking out in that dress during the post-battle scenes despite my not having thought about it in years. Some things truly do last a lifetime.
Nostalgia for polygonal asscheeks notwithstanding, I feel like I've blasphemed against the one true ass god by allowing myself to be distracted by a t**** thot.
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User Info: Ganiam

1 week ago#77
orah posted...
sex sells but only for some things. i've seen a show get cancelled because of too much explicit sex. a shame because it was actually good outside of the sex.

What show was this?
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User Info: nedrith

1 week ago#78
Not really for me. I'm more of a stop throwing sex related things in random locations kind of person. I don't care that that random person who has no reason for anyone in the story to care about or even inquire about him being gay coming out and just randomly saying he's gay to have a token gay person. Just as I really don't care that a lot of games use very cringe worthy relationships as part of their story.

Do I think it sells for other people, for some. Depends on what we assume "Sex" is. If we count a cute looking women who's fully clothed, then probably yes. However I don't believe a lot of people buy a game because of actual or implied sex as in the actual act.

If people want sex related content, their first stop is generally going to be a sex video. Or maybe a game about sex. Neither are that hard to find and is pretty simple to find for free, especially the former.

User Info: Zinie95

1 week ago#79
Katanab posted...
IT SELLS to creepy people that buy those kinda crap

User Info: ace_spades111

1 week ago#80
ReclusiveRook posted...
Crazy options on your poll, so didn't participate. Where's 'Just objects like a bottle or a bag of flour? Crazy.
lol that would have fell under option 2, and you did share, so thanks.
option 3 was there simply because i was intrigued by how many people would pick it over options 1 and 2
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