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User Info: Fou Lu

Fou Lu
2 weeks ago#61
Marketing doesn't work on me at all.
I smolder with generic rage.

User Info: pwiggler

2 weeks ago#62
normally yes, but in this case the people that play this game dont know what that is.
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User Info: Wabuu

2 weeks ago#63
Sex sells, right?

That greatly depends on not just the country, but even granularly what part of that country.

Here in the US, "sex sells" maybe... there are wide swaths of the country that don't like anything showing, which with the Islamaphobia still rampant has always been ironic to me. But even as recently as this years Super Bowl has multiple news stories about how "too sexy for my soul" the half-time show was with Jennifer Lopez and Shakira.

Even in Japan, "sex sells" to mostly otaku. This ad (I haven't watched it yet) is probably strictly made for, you know, nerds, while everyone else this will probably appear too immature.

I think it's important to remember that beyond the Khaleesi Klap, Yaas Qween, "that's the tea sis" crowd, female empowerment and open sexuality and showing of bodies are still relatively taboo, comes with its own predispositions and ideas of what is and isn't okay, and frankly, still open to slut-shaming and "Well, if she didn't want it, why was she dressed like that?".

Basically, to answer "Sex sells, right?", the answer is "Nope!" lol

User Info: Miwa27

2 weeks ago#64
As a woman, not really, since women are hardly marketed to. I love bishies. I'm not into super buff men or anything like that. Only time a character's design has influenced my purchase was when I strumbled upon an amv for Metal Gear Rising which had a lot of closeups for some reason on Raiden's and Sam's butts... I was already somewhat familar with MGS and I like action games, so I bought it.

But I wouldn't if it was some random character from a series I didn't know or like.
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User Info: Rkss

2 weeks ago#65
From Lara croft' pyramid boobs to her well-defined curve that we have today. Nothing uplifts technology faster than sex

User Info: KarmelCHAOS

2 weeks ago#66
It's not something I ever think about with regards to video games
So, imma wait for the game to actually come out before I buy it in pieces, but here's the thing;
When I saw that trailer and they showed how the Honey Bee Inn sequence was going down, I thought "wow, Kuraudo-chan sure looks cute when she's angry. Also, when did I become gay?" Then I saw how big Tifa's tiddies looked in that dress without the sports bra and my dick swooned and I wanted to buy this game immediately because it was made by people who do in fact love big tiddies.
So, uh, yeah, sex sells. And Tifa's tiddies are exSEXceptionally big selling points.
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I like it, but it doesn't impact my decision making.
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User Info: ReclusiveRook

2 weeks ago#69
Crazy options on your poll, so didn't participate. Where's 'Just objects like a bottle or a bag of flour? Crazy.
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User Info: ReclusiveRook

2 weeks ago#70
Fou Lu posted...
Marketing doesn't work on me at all.
Thanks for the input Dunning Kruger. /topic
FC: 0259 - 0388 - 1998
Playing: Bravely second, Pokemon, Xenoblade C,
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