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User Info: Avistar1750

2 weeks ago#51
ivory3333 posted...
if it didn't, dead or alive wouldn't have $2000 worth of DLCs

To be fair it, it was made by Koei Tecmo so it was going to have $2000 worth of DLCs regardless

User Info: eiriankageno

2 weeks ago#52
Answering this as a woman is interesting because the way the market things to us, when they account for us at all, is to make characters attractive but not necessarily "sexy." Squall is a good example of that. He's a pretty boy. Cloud and Vincent are both pretty as well and I kind of assume that's at least partly intended to appeal to women, but I could be wrong... and then there's Sephiroth.

I kind of wish i could change my answer. I initially just put no, because it doesn't influence me. But in retrospect I should perhaps have put no, but I appreciate it. More because I appreciate when games acknowledge they have a female player base as well as a male player base than because I care about the sex appeal itself.
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User Info: Pig143

2 weeks ago#53
eiriankageno posted...
Answering this as a woman is interesting because the way the market things to us
They definitely use sex to sell to women and gay men as well

i don't think most people watched that Magic Mike movie for story either
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SOLDIER_Bankai posted...
Now to be fair, the topic title asks the general question, to which you would be right, but the poll title asks for you personally, which has as many answers as there are people. It's pretty annoying when TCs do that.

Fair point. If people individually say "It doesn't work on me" then ok. But sex sells to the masses. Always has

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User Info: BurningVigor

2 weeks ago#55
EveryonesGrudge posted...
Fair point. If people individually say "It doesn't work on me" then ok. But sex sells to the masses. Always has
I almost will never buy a game that makes women ugly / plain looking. So yeah it works on me.

User Info: LinkFanatic

2 weeks ago#56
behindtheword posted...
I'm wondering how many people are answering the topic question, rather than the actual poll question.

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User Info: Ice_Dragon14

2 weeks ago#57
Never been a fan of waifubait games, but a good game with waifu characters is perfectly fine by me
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User Info: sinxsader

2 weeks ago#58
MalakTawus posted...
Of course.

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User Info: Uru_Zeph

2 weeks ago#59
I won't buy a terrible game just because it has sexy characters or people, but I might buy a mediocre or average one because of them. So I voted the first option.

There's no need or reason to buy bad games for sexy characters when there are plenty of good games that have them anyways. Also, movies. Also, porn. Also, simply walking by Victoria's Secret or Aerie or whatever in the mall.
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User Info: pichuscute

2 weeks ago#60
I won't buy a game just because it has cute/sexy characters in it, no. But it might be a bonus in a game I'm already buying if it's not just blatant pandering or really trashy. If it's the latter, it becomes a huge negative and will pretty much be unplayable to me.
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