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User Info: tonytonez

2 weeks ago#21
It def sells, some Twitch thots with Patreon are paying all their bills from doods that give them money to be on camera....with clothes on when pr0nhub is free.
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User Info: Wiegraf_Folles

2 weeks ago#22
It does for sure.

Sex appeal can be done right where it isn’t a problem, but too often it comes off like cheap, tasteless pandering, or in a lot of JRPG cases, downright creepy (while being especially cheap pandering).

Like Witcher 3 has tons of sexy women (not girls) who dress seductively and have full-blown sex scenes. They own it. Not a problem.

Meanwhile, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 constantly zooms in on girls (not women) who think sex is embarrassing’s boobs, while the main girl has her thong out at all times even though her personality is pure and innocent. A 12-year old’s alternate, mandatory outfit legit looks like she has a front wedgie with no pants on. They don’t own it. Huge problem, very off-putting.
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User Info: SOLDIER_Bankai

2 weeks ago#23
Yes, but only so much. If a game has nothing else or they go too far too often, then it becomes a negative. A person doesn't have to be naked to be pleasing to the eye.

User Info: dsaddict

2 weeks ago#24
Tifa looks like a china doll in that scene, pretty and ornate in the face, but not sexy per say.

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User Info: KarasuShiro

2 weeks ago#25
behindtheword posted...
No. I see it as a bonus, but it's not a selling point for me in videogames.

Pretty much this.
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User Info: crono12064

2 weeks ago#26
I wonder what Tifa is talking about in that scene. She's cute AF there.
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User Info: ace_spades111

2 weeks ago#27
crono12064 posted...
I wonder what Tifa is talking about in that scene. She's cute AF there.
for now just assume the last 2 words are "Buy Now" =p

User Info: ivory3333

2 weeks ago#28
if it didn't, dead or alive wouldn't have $2000 worth of DLCs
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User Info: SOLDIER_Bankai

2 weeks ago#30
EveryonesGrudge posted...
Anyone saying no is lying or kinda dumb
Now to be fair, the topic title asks the general question, to which you would be right, but the poll title asks for you personally, which has as many answers as there are people. It's pretty annoying when TCs do that.
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