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  3. Realistically will they remake another Final Fantasy like this?

User Info: Arvis_Jaggamar

1 month ago#41
cmiller4642 posted...
I think X-3 is going to be the next non XVI Final Fantasy game they do

Kitase has wanted to do it since the early 2000s
Oooh, I'd be down for this.

I also think they'll sprinkle Remake projects for other FFs in between major new mainline FF releases. It would be an easy success and keep FF more relevant than ever before.
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User Info: scabab

1 month ago#42
I'd be happy with anything related to FFX, it was the best one of the lot.

User Info: The_Undying_84

1 month ago#43
If you people are foolish enough to buy it yes.

User Info: cmiller4642

1 month ago#44
Arvis_Jaggamar posted...
Oooh, I'd be down for this.

I also think they'll sprinkle Remake projects for other FFs in between major new mainline FF releases. It would be an easy success and keep FF more relevant than ever before.

I think they'll probably focus on other games as well

Mana is the series they've been on this gen

I wouldn't be surprised to see them try to do a Parasite Eve remake next gen

User Info: KuuzokuOuGilder

4 weeks ago#45
Spartan_Ghosts posted...
FFVIII was always very divisive so I can't see them doing that.

Whether or not a given Final Fantasy is divisive really depends on what market you're talking about.

Mainline FF Series (initial releases and on console only, so no PC sales are included) sales figures (sales ranges for US, since a minimum sales figure is known, but sales after that date are unknown even though the game in question was still in print, so the maximimum figure is an estimate derived from what data is available):

(US / JP; since I don't have access to reliable data for EU and RoW)

FF1 = 380,000~1,000,000 / 520,000
FF2 = NA / 760,000
FF3 = NA / 1,400,000
FF4 = 200,000~400,000 / 1,440,000
FF5 = NA / 2,450,000
FF6 = 430,000~500,000 / 2,550,000
FF7 = 3,000,000~4,000,000 / 4,100,000
FF8 = 2,000,000~2,500,000 / 3,640,000
FF9 = 1,600,000~2,000,000 / 2,800,000
FF10 = 3,000,000~4,000,000 / 3,200,000
FF10-2 = 2,000,000~2,500,000 / 2,410,000
FF12 = 2,000,000~3,000,000 / 2,600,000
FF13 = 2,500,000~3,500,000 / 1,970,000
FF13-2 = 750,000~1,500,000 / ~965,000
FF15 = 2,000,000~3,500,000 / 1,100,000

Some notable takeaways from the above:

  1. FF8 is enormously popular in Japan (it's not listed here, but it actually even had the highest single game opening week sales ever in Japan, at ~2,500,000; the only set of games to ever beat it is Pokemon Black/White at ~2,640,000), with the second highest sales in the series.
  2. FF10, in spite of being nearly as popular as FF7 in the West, is only moderately more popular than FF9 in Japan, and is nowhere close to FF7 in sales; lagging behind even FF8 there.
  3. FF10-2 and FF12 both sold less than FF9 in Japan, but more than all subsequent games.
  4. FF13 sold nearly twice what FF15 did in Japan.
In addition to the above regarding FF8, this (point number 4) is the most notable one I think.

As odd as it may or may not sound, FF13 actually had a fairly universally positive reception in Japan, with little if any of the controversy associated with it over here. (the vast majority of its sales decline can be attributed to the decline of the PS3 versus the PS2 in Japan (from ~22,000,000 down to ~10,000,00 units sold), and the reduced available audience resulting from that that might have been interested in buying it, rather than anything to do with the game in and of itself)

On the other hand, not only did FF15 have all of the same controversy for the reasons that it did over here; but, in addition to that, it had the same kind of backlash that FF13 did in the West with regard to people there not liking certain design decisions.

In this case, the shift to being an action RPG led to a fairly decent chunk of backlash over there (single player Action RPGs, especially so open-world ones, tend to be viewed as boring and/or stressful (the latter primarily if they're overly reflex/skill based) and have a very low average sales ceiling compared to a menu + turn/round-based one there), with the game not even selling all of its inital 1,100,00 shipment (it's currently sitting at about 1,050,000 now, after having been bargain binned down to the equivalent of $5 within only a couple of months after it failed to sell even half of its initial shipment at launch)

The time-freezing, pseudo-turn based system present in this remake is actually a concession to Japan in order to preserve some modicum of sales there.

Without that concession, the remake would likely fail to even clear 1,000,000 in Japan.

Even with it, it's likely going to have a hard time doing so (given the overall changes made to it, the piecemeal nature of its overall release, and the platform it's attached to (the PS4, in spite of being a massive success in the West, is very unlikely to even outsell the PS3 in Japan itself)), whereas in the West FF7 Remake will very likely outsell the original game eventually.

User Info: Trinstin

4 weeks ago#46
Kind of think square wont even exist in its current form by the time the game is finished in 2030.

User Info: lilhurk1985187

4 weeks ago#47
Lets hope not. They might tear it to pieces and charge full price for each piece claiming its a full game when it isnt.

User Info: The3rdMario

4 weeks ago#48
Let's see if they can actually get this one finished before we even begin to start thinking of doing another one.
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4 weeks ago#49
I mean all there really is to remake IMO is VI and IX. But maybe 3D but to a lesser visual scale
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User Info: Procrastinitus

4 weeks ago#50
Definitely not, pretty much for a fact. FF7 is the most talked about game in the series. This is a one off event series.
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  3. Realistically will they remake another Final Fantasy like this?
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