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  3. Realistically will they remake another Final Fantasy like this?

User Info: scabab

1 month ago#1
This FFVII Remake is gonna sell by the boat load, it's only going to be on the PS4 (for now) but it's bound to outsell a lot of other Final Fantasy games. It'll sure sell more than FFXV on PS4 anyway.

And that's just this one part. Who knows it could be to far more financial benefit to remake this game/s than to make another main entry.

So will any other Final Fantasy game get remade to this scale or is it something that will only happen for VII because it is particularly popular?

Say this sells a ton and then the next couple parts do and they finish it, then they make a FFXVI....do they then do a multi part remake of FFVIII and then eventually FFIX or does that never happen?

User Info: YRYRDZ

1 month ago#2
Almost definitely not unless if VIIR is an unprecedented success.
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User Info: Justicecho

1 month ago#3
I doubt it. Even with VIIR being massively successful it's hard to imagine them giving their full attention to just doing massive remakes. Kitase mentioned that if they did a remake for VIII he'd leave it to a whole other team and wouldn't be like this where most of the original team (that's still available) would be reworking on it again. That alone makes me feel like it wouldn't be given the same attention to detail or freedom to make it.

User Info: TrueBURP

1 month ago#4
Well it worked for Resident Evil. On Final Fantasy, though, I think the gem of the series (in a merchandising point of view at least) is VII, so it is likely that no other entry could have the same financial appeal. Plus, most of the guesses right now are that it's gonna be at least three parts, so even if they decide to do another one, it will be years before we hear anything about it.

User Info: orah

1 month ago#5
yes a lot has to do with the huge fanbase but i honestly think that besides the classics it's one of the worst aged games in the series. so no i definitely can't imagine any modern FF getting remade. perhaps only the classics and 8 (i would love 9 to get remade but it's generally ignored) will get done.

User Info: D_R_I_G

1 month ago#6
As cool as this will probably be, i really really hope not.
I like the visual updates, but i don't feel like these remakes need to stretch the story so insanely out.
Add some things here, maybe arrange some things there, but don't over inflate it like they are with midgar. I just don't find it necessary. One solid package is really all they needed to make for this game.

User Info: Exodiver

1 month ago#7
If it makes money, why not... much better roi compared to gambling with new series.
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User Info: SavenForever

1 month ago#8
Depends. It will probably be awhile after FFVII before we get another one.

User Info: Brocknoth

1 month ago#9
Dear god I hope not.
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User Info: SirDood18

1 month ago#10
probably not
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  3. Realistically will they remake another Final Fantasy like this?
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