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  3. So where do you think Square was going with the Genesis story? *Spoilers*

User Info: Philosopher1701

1 month ago#1
Dirge of Cerberus and Crisis Core felt like they were building up to something regarding the character, but the Compilation has been quiet for years. What grand plan, if any, do you think Square had for Genesis?
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User Info: BlademanL

1 month ago#2
Based on how convoluted the stories involving the compilation characters are I doubt they had any plans at all.
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User Info: Litane

1 month ago#3
Hopefully, into the bin.
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User Info: Boltens

1 month ago#4
Not sure but would love to find out
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User Info: egpNoodlez

1 month ago#5
Into Gackt's bed

User Info: stepan618

1 month ago#6
I was annoyed that I did not get to kill him with Zack at the end of CC. Hated him.

User Info: FinalFantasyVII

1 month ago#7
hopefully the trash can

User Info: __Blight__

1 month ago#8
Hopefully no where besides the trash bin. Genesis was a terrible character and should be retconned out of the series.
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User Info: TomorrowDog

1 month ago#9
His appearance in DoC actually feels like it was written before they had conceived of anything in CC. The G reports barely correlate with his backstory at all (they say he was a mystery who may not have existed, in CC he had a fanclub and created an army of clones that terrorized the world). CC's ending threw in the Deepground scene because that was where he was in DoC, I sincerely doubt there is a coherent reason about it. Deepground was kind of their dumping ground for confounding plot points to make their stories work. Weiss's timeline is some B-grade garbage.
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User Info: D_R_I_G

1 month ago#10
To a depeche mode concert.
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  3. So where do you think Square was going with the Genesis story? *Spoilers*
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