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  3. The generic side-quests introduced is concerning

User Info: SavenForever

3 days ago#41
BrightShield786 posted...
I don’t recall ever getting into a big thing with you though, unless you’re an alt.

Probably not. I didn't really start arguing with people here till last year. But I do remember a couple in the beginning
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User Info: blitz_0623

3 days ago#42
FrozenFlame posted...
Yeah, but I thought this game was supposed to be huge.

Wasn’t that the multiple part justification people used back in the day?
Idk what people used to say back then but the most I expected out of this game which sadly isn't gonna happen is a God of War style open world. Not that huge but open and dense enough for a quick travel mechanic with some exploration while not sacrificing too much graphical fidelity

BrightShield786 posted...
This is true. I don’t deny it.

This doesn’t excuse the laziness of Square Enix however.

Saying “JRPGs usually have bad side quests, so Square shouldn’t push themselves to create meaningful content” is flat out ridiculous, and an attempt to justify their laziness/lack of skill.
I don't see anyone excusing them. Most already knew this was gonna happen and are fine with it. I also don't know why you call it laziness or lack of skill when Square chooses not to copy western style games. Each genre has its own appeal and I'm sure I'm not alone when I say I'd rather they stick to traditional JRPG elements in this aspect. If you look back at FF7-9 the sidequests weren't that meaningful either. Chocobos were never a *big* part of the plot of any of those games yet in 7 and 9 their sidequests were engaging and pretty much required to get the ultimate weapons.

User Info: Magoichi

3 days ago#43
Kaliesto posted...
It is content quality issue, it would actually suck from a dev's perspective if most players tend to skip the content if it wasn't exactly fun. You would want players to be given a good reason to try the side-quests, so you could go back to it again and again years later when you pop the game back in for another replay.

Again if most players simply skipped most of the time then clearly the developers did something wrong, and wasted their resources for that part of the game when those resources could have been better spent in other parts of the game.

From the dev's perspective sure, but we all know it's about the publisher perspective first and foremost. The main story being too short is easily a sales killer, but enough people will buy something if they know there's extra content to do...and then less than half actually beat the games they buy (based on trophy percentages) either way so lol

User Info: ace_spades111

3 days ago#44
It's all relative.
While the side quests may not be as meaningful as say a Chrono Trigger side quest...
It could just be a meaningful way to grind without feeling like you're grinding.

Let's say you wanted to buy 3 restore materias (750x3=2250 Gil)
But given the weapons and items you want you'll be left with 50 Gil.
So you go and grind 2200 Gil.

I see no issue with turning optional grind into optional side quests.

It's essentially the same thing but with some dialogue and extra UI management.

Complaining that you'd rather grind than interact with side quest UI before grinding is just complaining for the sake of complaining.
Not that I am not aware of how side quests can be potentially annoying (i.e requests for rare drops that locks an item you want)

Ultimately it's all optional padding, you just need enough common sense to see it.
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User Info: VanilleHopen

3 days ago#45
Heres the deal guys.. It's padding.. They will pad this game with fetch quests to stretch out this Midgar part.. I don't like that at all but it it what it is..

Fetch quests are very easy to create and will help fill play time..

It's disgusting but Square Enix are incompetent and money hungry lately..
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User Info: omgseal

3 days ago#46
i wish tw3 didnt exist tbh. just so people would shut the f*** up. that game wasnt even as good as you remember as more than half of its quests are the fetch quests people b**** about. im certain most of these people have seen 'the bloody baron' and went wow amazing and never actually played the game themselves. if it was openworld id be complaining because 15 was awful, but it isnt so its not going to be a slog so i dont care. if delivering a damn potion is too beneath you dont get the game or dont do the quest and just shut the f*** up. i cant stand this complaint. id rather people complain about tifas t***.
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User Info: Miqote

3 days ago#47
yea but then people would b**** like they did with FFXIII when it had no side stuff to do. I'm sure these are only beginner sidequests anyway. Chill dude.
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User Info: FrozenFlame

3 days ago#48
SoraOwnKeyblade posted...
Time and time again, what people have been saying was that it was due to SE focusing more on graphics, because recreating VII with the kind of visuals and cinematics they're opting to go for, rather than something that's smaller in scale and less detailed, is what causes modern game development to take so long.
Not a valid justification when half the game is fetch quests and monster hunts.

This justification was only valid if SE fleshed our FFVII with meaningful content.
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User Info: Magoichi

3 days ago#50
FrozenFlame posted...
This justification was only valid if SE fleshed our FFVII with meaningful content.

The level of content is a separate issue from satisfying the more popular demands to see the game look prettier and be more fun to play.

Most people who buy this aren't even going to reach the ending.
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