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  3. The generic side-quests introduced is concerning

User Info: digidevilwil

3 days ago#151
darkphoenix181 posted...
FF7 has party specific dialogue and interactions.

If you value these, best to fo main cast in 1 play, 2nd play use others, etc.
Can you really value something the game doesn't inform you of? That's the problem with old games is that they don't let the player play conscious of what's going on, or that these things can be a factor in altering the game (even though the change isn't major enough to warrant a whole new playthrough imo). Good thing that type of game design has been moved on from though, even if everyone on this board is going to make it sound like it's a good idea that you had to replay the game for certain things that the game doesn't inform you of (and you probably only figured out because of the internet, or you were already too far into the game by the time it seemed like certain things had influence on certain other things)

This game having a proper sidequest system now though will definitely allow use to not only pick and choose what we want to do and when, but also allow them a way to better expand the main party and incorporate character development and interactions in a way that isn't left up to guessing.
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(edited 3 days ago)
I’m hoping there’s still some character side quests chains for each party member/important side character. Like in the Witcher 3.

Pretty much every game has generic/filler side quests, but hopefully there’s still some good ones that expand lore/world building and shine more of a light on some of the characters.
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User Info: Haseo8

2 days ago#153
darkphoenix181 posted...
But those aren't becoming entire chapters now are they?

7th heaven was it's own screen. Will it become a whole chapter?
Or even the church?

Yet the sewer does? Lol
Not comparable. Those areas can’t be expanded like that. It’s actually not possible unless they make underground areas. Sewers is underground, so it can be made as big as they want. It’s just being made into a more proper dungeon, which is good, Midgar had no real dungeons.
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User Info: TomorrowDog

2 days ago#154
Haseo8 posted...
Midgar had no real dungeons
The reactors and sewers + train graveyard were pretty standard for FFVII dungeon size. 3 to 6 screens was the average.
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User Info: Saphiro187

10 hours ago#157
What did you expect? Witcher contracts? JRPGs aren't famous for their sidequests y'know.

User Info: SavenForever

9 hours ago#158
pichuscute posted...
Agreed. The worst part is that most of these kids are over 30.

Really shows why baby boomers were terrible parents overall

User Info: Izzythewinner

4 hours ago#159
blame western rpgs for this s*** btw
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User Info: AntiNoob

3 hours ago#160
Chapter 1 : kill few rats
Chapter 2 : kill few stronger rats
Chapter 3 : kill the elites of the rats race
Chapter 4 : kill the legendary king of the rats
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  3. The generic side-quests introduced is concerning
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