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User Info: Edennn

5 days ago#21
Cait Sith, Edward, Gau, Vaan/Penelo.

I absolutly love Vanille and Quistis btw but I see they are quite hated here!
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User Info: 1Tekkaman

5 days ago#22
Edennn posted...
Cait Sith, Edward, Gau, Vaan/Penelo.

I absolutly love Vanille and Quistis btw but I see they are quite hated here!
I have no particular view on Vanille, but Quistis I find highly irritating. She's an irresponsible nag who abuses her authority.
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User Info: Darth_Havok

5 days ago#23
Sazh, Hope, Cait Sith, Irvine, Amarant, Prompto, Seymour, also
Wiegraf_Folles posted...
Not a fan of Zell’s impossibly dumb/loud best friend trope or Selphie’s OTT anime girl trope.

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User Info: dentedsky

4 days ago#24
sano83 posted...
3) Irvine is a clown. Decided to not tell the party something very important in the Galbadia Garden because "it feels bad", procceds to hit on the three female party members with the same line, sucks at his only job (this is debatable, maybe he did wanted to fail), claim he is in love since forever with one of the characters, but have no problem in let her rot in prision, his limit break requieres you to get the ammo, he is dressed as a cowbow in a world with exactly ONE cow (which is being abducted). The only good thing about him is his Triple Triad card.

i dunno what to put here

User Info: thebatz

4 days ago#25
Everyone in 13
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probably Snow

User Info: scifi1980

4 days ago#27
Playable characters in your party:

FF4: Edward. Emotional mess and a wuss. You don't have use of him for very long (from what I remember) which is good because he sucked!

FF6: Gau. I hate the Blue Mage concept which is basically sidequestpalooza if you want the character to be anything worth while. Plus he's an annoying feral idiot.

FF7: Cait Sith. Dopey mascot, crappy limit breaks, badly written.

FF8: Irvine. Douche poser.

FF9: Amarant. Annoying a****** who becomes a hang around because of his grudge with ZIdane.
FF9: Quina. Another blue mage, dumb character
FF9: Eiko. Brat!

FF:12 Ashe. Boring. Thought she was snotty.


FF7: Lucrecia. She always was a "poor me" but they cranked it up to 11 in Dirge of Cerberus. Her character and Vincent fawning after her feels like it was ripped out of some weird ass Netorare doujin porn comic! Not to mention her complete foolhardy approach to science led to possible millions of deaths and her bastard abomination killed Aerith!

Lucrecia pretty much caused Armageddon and all she can do is lock herself away in a crystal and bellyache in self loathing pity! (end rant)

FF8: Robin Williams/Cid. Came up with the great idea of starting up a school for orphans to use as a military machine to the highest bidder.......this guys morality went off the rails a LONG time ago!

FF9: Queen Brahne. Ugly bitter fat ass who was greedy for power. Let herself get talked into World War and killed thousands. Didn't pity her end.

FF10: Tidus's Mom. Tidus hated his father, who was a dick but his Mom's complete negligence for him after Jecht left and basically committed suicide by depression and left her (8 year old or whatever) son to grow up an orphan! She had a disturbing fixation with Jecht. Wife or not.
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User Info: stepan618

4 days ago#28
Snow Hope Vanille. Awful.

Outside the obvious (cast of XIII), genesis can screw off with his teenage poetry, and angeal but less so "hope your dreams! Dream your honour!" Also X would have been essentially the same game without Kimhari in it.

In terms of gameplay mechanics Yuffie made me rage first time through wutai, and frog catching pissed me off in IX. I do not hate these characters though.
Vaan or noctis

User Info: GidoDaHitman

4 days ago#30
The cast of FFXIII, XV and Vaan
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