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  3. Who is the most hated FF character?

User Info: TirMcDohl

3 days ago#181
Maybe_Im_A_Lion posted...
From any mainline game [or FFT], which character is the most universally despised?

to clarify, the type of hate isn’t like that of a villain you love to hate, but a bad character that gets on your nerves.

Squall. His personality is just bland, and frequently getting into my nerves with his attitude toward everyone when he didn't have enough justification to do so.

HARD MODE: which character do you personally dislike

Quina, I despise that character.

, and which do you think the FF community as a whole dislikes the most?

probably Cloud because he is the most popular character in the entire franchise and I don't know about the current FF fans but back in the day he got a lot of hate


3 days ago#182
Snow for me. He is a walking cliche.
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User Info: Drethrake

3 days ago#183
1Tekkaman posted...
Doug Erholtz sounded too old for the role.

Eh. That's how it is. Do you think Hope's VA sounded too old for his role? How about Yusuke's of YYH? Yusuke's supposed to be 14 yet sounds like a grown man.

Squall is supposed to be.... 17? My voice got deep by 16. It's not that uncommon.
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User Info: Gamington

3 days ago#184
  1. Brother in FFX2
  2. LoL Necron
  3. Ultimecia
  4. Genesis
  5. Hope
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  3. Who is the most hated FF character?
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