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  3. Is FFVI still the BEST Final Fantasy!?

User Info: PumpkinBelmont

1 month ago#1
Or will it finally be dethroned by FFVII Remake?

User Info: og_megaman

1 month ago#2
I never really thought 6 to be top5 but that's imo

User Info: blitz_0623

1 month ago#3
It never was

User Info: zidane kuja

zidane kuja
1 month ago#4
IX is the best. However VI is second best.

no I don’t think this will dethrone it or even the OG VII.
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User Info: ExperiencePoint

1 month ago#5
Everyone has their own opinion and IMO Final Fantasy IX is the best.

User Info: jordina

1 month ago#6
VI was my third fave for ages. Then I ended up liking FFIX and FFXII more as I got older.

Still a top 5 FF game. FFVII remake could boot it out though. Soon find out but I'm not expecting it to be THAT good.

User Info: lezardthewizard

1 month ago#7
blitz_0623 posted...
It never was

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User Info: plasmabeam

1 month ago#8
FF6 is grossly overrated. The overbloated cast and the World of Ruin plot point kill it.
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User Info: tsunaxsawada10

1 month ago#9
FFVI may be my favorite and top of my FF list and #1 game of all time...but this is subjective so no, it is not the best but at the same time, yes, it is for me.
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User Info: Rahsiel30

1 month ago#10
FF6 and FF7 are popular because it was most people’s first one and ff6 is particular popular with those snes fanboys who think it was the peak of gaming and the people who love medievil steampunk, thats why most ff6 lovers also love ff9.

FF7 is the most popular in japan though, despite most played the previous ones

I prefer ff7 because of its cyberpunk theme and more diverse cast.
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  3. Is FFVI still the BEST Final Fantasy!?
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