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  3. who'd win out of these ff protagonists?

User Info: DeZApurified

2 months ago#1
solo. no help. - Results (258 votes)
the warrior of light (default warrior)
11.63% (30 votes)
4.65% (12 votes)
43.41% (112 votes)
40.31% (104 votes)
This poll is now closed.

User Info: Pig143

2 months ago#2
Are we talking story or mechanics? Also do guest abilities/lore count like Ehrgeiz,Tekken,Smash, etc.

Another question, do you mean an all out free for all or a 1v1 tournament situation?
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User Info: GeneratorLeon

2 months ago#3
In a straight fight, it kinda has to be Noctis doesn't it?
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User Info: Arkanoid

2 months ago#4
It's between Cloud and Noctis. I'd say that the fight could go either way.

User Info: Setsunahenry

2 months ago#5
Noctis is so OP so Noctis.

User Info: masterman97

2 months ago#6
Firion would actually beat the s*** out of all of them. He has the power of the Wild Rose and is the ultimate weaponmaster.

He can reel you in with his hunting axe and deliver a haymaker to your face that would make actual elixir juice shoot out from your ass as you do 800 cartwheels throughout the overworld.

The Warrior of Light is a pansy.
How the hell can Cloud fight Firion when he has trouble fighting his own personal issues and instability?
Noctis is the only one that would be a challenge for Firion but Noctis isn't as durable as Firion. Noctis would run out of steam too fast and all Firion would have to do is stomp his head to achieve victory.

The more you attack Firion, the more his stats grow. His Straightarrows are too swift and precise to dodge. He's literally unbeatable.
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User Info: PumpkinBelmont

2 months ago#7

User Info: nautdead

2 months ago#8
Firion he can just beat himself up until he's strong enough
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User Info: RayThrust

2 months ago#9
Don’t know much about Firion, but don’t see how Cloud would beat Noctis.

User Info: Darth_Havok

2 months ago#10
WoL easily. He’s OG
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