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User Info: MalakTawus

1 month ago#41
ace_spades111 posted...
...which makes me wonder if people who say such things have really been laid or if they're just parroting something people tend to say.
For real.... 😂
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User Info: ace_spades111

1 month ago#42
unitedinkilling posted...
yeah its just a buzzword actual virgins use
there's plenty of women that also get "excited" over video game characters just like men,and them having sex does not eliminate attraction to Model/drawn characters
lol i bet you the internet would be a better place if people just saved up and scheduled a trip to Amsterdam or Thailand to you know... without the fear of getting caught. Be degenerates for a week or so, and come back with a new outlook on life.

The main one being sure sex can be great but not so great that you need to have an identity crisis about it. There's no point in virgin shaming or to be secretly self-loathing about it.

The secondary one being, even after sex, whatever you're attracted to and objects/images that remind you of what you're attracted to will continue to arouse you or at the very least be pleasant to look at.

Tho the counter-argument to the second point would be "nuh uh, once you have promise of regularly available sex, those things won't cut it."
At that point there's no helping these guys... you can't keep sending them to Amsterdam or where ever XD

User Info: crono12064

1 month ago#43
_Shuyin_ posted...
I don't understand. Are you saying adults don't enjoy the sight of a woman's breasts in motion? Because I'm 31 and still love it. What age is this suppose to kick in exactly?

When I said there's nothing wrong with it, I also implied it's okay for adults to enjoy the sight of a woman's breasts in motion. But if you care so much of a lack of jiggle physics in only three scenes like in the original to the point that you come up with conspiracy theories for why your boner is being denied, you're either still an adolescent or a man-child.

I don't mind what they're doing with Tifa here because it's more in line with how she was in the majority of the game. The only time they jiggled were in three scenes, which is odd and inconsistent. It's like they gained sentience momentarily. Considering jiggle physics have been in games years before FFVII, they could have easily added that in for her during battle...but they didn't.
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User Info: Titans23

1 month ago#44
we're doing this again?
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User Info: crono12064

1 month ago#45
Titans23 posted...
we're doing this again?

People just can't get over CG Tifa.
"I want to remind you that life is an RPG, so have fun!" - Yuji Horii

User Info: ArtiRock

1 month ago#46
TrueGB posted...
I don't know what sports you're watching, but the ones I watch require their players to wear cups.
You still have bouncing regardless. And ones like tennis, you do not. That's like saying there's no jiggle because you wear a bra. On topic? It's just not a detail that really amounts to much outside of some awkwardness.
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User Info: chronoxiong

1 month ago#47
Because SJWs are sensitive af. Especially in today's world.
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User Info: zombie_basher13

1 month ago#48
1Tekkaman posted...
All of it? Please. Crude, yes; grotesque, no.
I just echoed the word you used to try to make a point.

I don't really think FF VIIs graphics are grotesque or even bad, it still has plenty of charm and many of the scenes are just way too iconic to mind. Graphics aren't everything to me
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