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User Info: Evan_Forever

4 weeks ago#1
Okay you know what, that’s it. You dataminers couldn’t wait, really!? You know, I get this leaking s*** happens with media but this one time, one game you needed to show self restraint full stop. There’s no reason or excuse why you couldn’t wait for public release. s*** the full release is just 8 weeks away! You had to have better things to do than wreck this for Square. You had to have better things to do. Are you little s*** assclowns happy now!? What the hell justification could there possibly be for it? Let me guess, this is “payback” for Final Fantasy 15 not being the Final Fantasy the “community” “wanted”. I’d bet hard money that’s part of it. Put yourselves in this man’s shoes. You’re damn right your stomach is gonna hurt after all the work you’ve put in only to have Internet chuckle s***s ruin it. Now, Square will have to decide whether to release that demo or not at all. Honestly after this fiasco they shouldn’t. This has happened to Nomura a few times now. It’s just....enough is enough is enough. It’s a damn video game. He’s gotta be throwing s*** around left and right, I really don’t blame him if he is. Guys, come the hell on. For once in your lives can you just be well adjusted people and show some damn restraint!? Is this one game really a life or death situation?! Honestly.....I’d like to see Nomura call off the full release. There needs to be hard consequences for this, I’m sorry. Maybe a full cancellation will get these folks, in the future, to go “Y’know guys, maybe we shouldn’t do this anymore, the last time caused us to not get that remake we really wanted”. Sorry folks, this year needs to be a series of hard, teachable life moments for many. This is just...unreal.

User Info: unitedinkilling

4 weeks ago#2

User Info: mammerjammer0

4 weeks ago#3
Cant tell if you're being serious. Well done.
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User Info: nautdead

4 weeks ago#4
Honestly people on both side of the delay are a being ridiculous. One side claiming that this is a clear sign that the game is completely broken and can't ever be good. And the other claiming it's already a perfect game without the delay but the delay will make it better when it's already perfect somehow. Neither side has any evidence to back up their claims it's all just speculation. (For now there could always be a leak)
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User Info: Litane

4 weeks ago#5
mammerjammer0 posted...
Cant tell if you're being serious. Well done.
The person who originally posted that rant was, @Evan_Forever is not.
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User Info: miki_sauvester

4 weeks ago#6
I saw this same copypasta on 4chan.

User Info: donkeyjack

4 weeks ago#7
It is not the reason it is being delayed. The remake will flop and CP2077 will halved its sales lmao. Good for them.
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User Info: Rude Hero

Rude Hero
4 weeks ago#8
This sounds like a "I've just found out that I impregnated my one night stand!" Kinda' rant.
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User Info: vitalemrecords

4 weeks ago#9
so what do we do here - copy and paste that for when Demon's Souls Remake gets delayed and change all of the names?
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User Info: neji721

4 weeks ago#10
You sure are jumping to conclusions.

Youd be better off with a mat that you can jump on than spouting this nonsense.
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