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  3. The argument of "a delayed game is a good game"

User Info: nova_pulse

6 days ago#21
sockesocke posted...
the problem with ff15 was that they didnt know wtf to do with it for the longest time. it only really started development a couple years prior to release. if they had a cllearer vision from the start and were more competent overall then ff15 would be a great game.

This and also the fan feedback .
With how much divisive is the fanbase of this series ,it isn't that wise to take their opinion and make a game . it'll end up a mixed up mess.

User Info: SavenForever

6 days ago#22
I'm pretty sure that quote was used for Twilight Princess, which only got delayed so it could be a launch title for the Wii anyways.

User Info: fixing_ranger

6 days ago#23
There is no way to know how far they are in development, so it is all speculations.

Delayed game IS a good game if they need several weeks to polish fully finished (but still buggy) product. However, if they still need to develop something, well, then it is a gamble about a good game (and after delay expectations are higher).

User Info: blitz_0623

6 days ago#24
I'm pretty sure the argument is less of a broken game not good game, but it's all the same because it's still invalid. I haven't really seen a great game that was originally delayed. In most cases delays mean bad things like XV, Crackdown 3, etc
(edited 6 days ago)

User Info: Deanyzy

6 days ago#25
Games don't get delayed for no reason. Chances are, it's because of a bug that may not be easily fixed with a patch, probably a game-breaking one to delay the game over.

Citing a game made by a different team to paint an image of doom and gloom is just silly.

User Info: Jacien

6 days ago#26
Rikkus_dad posted...
People love to throw that Miyamoto quote around - "A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad." but that became meaningless when patching games became a thing. It's simply untrue now.
Hot Take: Plus Miyamoto is a senile hack that's ruined franchises like Paper Mario and Star Fox.
"Just because it appeals to children doesn't exclude me from enjoying it."
Just imagine how much more s***ty it’d have been without the delays.

Delay =|= guaranteed good game

Delay = a better game than you otherwise would have gotten
Never forget Cait Sith #1.
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  3. The argument of "a delayed game is a good game"
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