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  3. The argument of "a delayed game is a good game"
oracleofire posted...
The idea is FFXV would be even worse than how you think of it now if it wasn't delayed, so while it might not be "good", it's "better". I think in general the quote would be more accurate if it was "a delayed game is a better game".

Pretty much. If the game is bad after a delay, it was likely worse before it.

User Info: Kingdom080500

1 week ago#12
Seraphor posted...
A delayed game is better than a rushed game. That doesn't necessarily make it a good game though.
Game can be delayed and still released rushed....like XV lmfao
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The way I see it, a delayed game has a better chance at being good than if it wasn't delayed at all. But that doesn't mean it'll be good

User Info: Xyphas

1 week ago#14
It’s one month. You can barely call this a delay. Extra polish is always nice.

I would be more worried if it was a 3 month delay or longer

User Info: Zack_Attackv1

1 week ago#15
Miyamoto should mind his own f***ing business.

User Info: ace_spades111

1 week ago#16
The logic isn't "a delayed game is a good game," it's "a delayed game is probably better than a low confidence scheduled release."

"Probably" just because the works done during the delay period could just as easily introduce new and worse issues, that possibly go unnoticed.
But with industry standards changing to incorporate more and more QA these days it's a "probably" that rational consumers aren't too concerned with (but still acknowledge)

Even when people type it as a definitive statement, you know the "probably" is implied right? If people had to type out all implied but obvious details whenever they left a message then all posts would be tl;dr like this one has become.

I don't get why people need to post things as if people view the world as black and white. Do such TCs actually have such small scopes of thinking or do they just need to pretend everything is black and white so they can make a point and get some attention online?
Cuz as we all know, middle ground opinions don't get clicks and replies.
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User Info: sockesocke

1 week ago#17
the problem with ff15 was that they didnt know wtf to do with it for the longest time. it only really started development a couple years prior to release. if they had a cllearer vision from the start and were more competent overall then ff15 would be a great game.
wtf is a goat simulator is that like a blow doll but a goat for those religious people that live in the desert and blow stuff up

User Info: oracleofire

1 week ago#18
Honestly, it's not a big deal. The delay is only a month; I have a ridiculous backlog so I'm sure you guys can find something to play while you wait. The more you think and post and rant about the delay, the harder you're making it for yourself. Go clear your backlog!

User Info: Seraphor

1 week ago#19
Kingdom080500 posted...
Game can be delayed and still released rushed....like XV lmfao
But it won't be as rushed... because they have more time...
Come on, this isn't difficult folks.

User Info: nfobia

1 week ago#20
Depends on the situation. Somethings excessive delay can be good for polishing the product, sometimes it cant be bad and kill the excitement. (IMO FFXV is a good game, it could have been a lot better but because it got delayed so much and got into development hell, nothing could have changed it how people view it now)

FFVII R delay is fine though. Only thing I'm worried about how that will affect the sales. Its sandwiched between Resident Evil 3 and Cyberpunk. Not a very wise choice. (I am also worried about my free time because three of my most anticipated games of 2020 are releasing back to back)
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