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  3. What game will you be playing to fill the void in March now?
Something from my huge backlog.

User Info: Velvet__Crowe

6 days ago#42
Proberly just FFXIV and keep practicing guitar. I was recently introduced to BAND-MAID and Miku + Kanami kind of inspired me to learn to play. :3
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KarmelCHAOS posted...
Each game is roughly 80ish hours long keep that in mind lol

Yeah, I know. That's why I'm planning on starting it here in a few days. It'll probably take me through march just to finish the first one, lol.
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User Info: Doober2

6 days ago#44
Might do my Yakuza franchise playthrough I didn't think I'd have time for
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User Info: SavenForever

6 days ago#45
I was going to try out FFXIV, but Square-Enix's account recovery is the s***s and I locked myself out of it, so I won't bother. Went ahead and just went with DQXI instead. I need some medieval exploration.

User Info: Raile

6 days ago#46
Watch Dogs Legion, maybe? Doubt it though, don't really like the concept.

Dying Light 2 if that releases sooner rather than later?

Edit: seems legion was delayed too and I missed it. Well, idgaf. And Dying Light 2 is Q2.

Something tells me everyone is suddenly trying to dodge Cyberpunk. Well, I have an infinite backlog. I can't actually run out of games to play so, whatever.
(edited 6 days ago)

User Info: Redmacabre

6 days ago#47
I may finally pick up KH3.

User Info: blitz_0623

6 days ago#48
Nothing. Maybe DBZ Kakarot if it went on sale. I also plan on getting Nioh 2 but not at full price

User Info: BusterBlue

6 days ago#49
I’m getting Kakarot on Friday, once I’m done with that I’ll probably do the KH3 DLC.

Been meaning to play Witcher 3 since the Netflix show has hooked me on the series, so probably that.

Honestly the game being delayed works out for me. I was planning on doing some traveling in March so now I don’t have to worry about this just sitting.
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User Info: 7656198

6 days ago#50
Animal Crossing and Doom Eternal. Same as before just minus FF7.
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  3. What game will you be playing to fill the void in March now?
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