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  3. What game will you be playing to fill the void in March now?

User Info: Aeramis

1 week ago#31
Doom Eternal... Once done with that, RE3 will be out. Then FF7R.
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User Info: Tifas_Man

1 week ago#32
N3wdisea5e posted...
Nada since this is the only thing I have been waiting for
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User Info: dsaddict

1 week ago#33
I'm currently in limbo atm, but it would be a choice between Star Ocean, Saga Scarlet Grace, and The Alliance Alive.
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Just got the Uncharted collection

Also Under Night in Birth. I think the "story mode" itself takes a month to get past. Its like a visual novel. Each character has 3 to 4 chapter. And the first of the first character already took like an hour (i dont know. I fell asleep 😂)
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User Info: prestonluv

1 week ago#35
i just got a switch for Xmas and am set with fire emblem, xenoblade 2, Zelda and octopath til at least April. Likely finish those and see how reviews of FF7 and Cyberpunk play out before deciding.

might pick up Tokyo mirage as well and be set for first half of year

switch has some fantastic console exclusive rpgs
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User Info: KarmelCHAOS

1 week ago#36
I've been playing West of Loathing but that's short, so I also bought Tales of Vesperia on ps4...not sure how much I'm enjoying it, though.

User Info: godofwar596

1 week ago#37
Doom Eternal

User Info: eastman1982

1 week ago#38
Nioh 2 totally happy I don’t have to get 2 games at once and balance my time
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User Info: Lord_plague

1 week ago#39
Darksiders genesis
Nioh 2
Cyberpunk 2077
Ff7 remake
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User Info: TrueGB

1 week ago#40
Are you kidding? 2019 quietly has become one of the best Fall/Winter periods in all of gaming history. Usually there will be a bunch of games that come out I want to play, but only a couple of them end up being worth keeping and the rest are just meh. This year practically every game I've been interested in has proven to be big winners, and some games I didn't really follow proved to be mighty interesting. My backlog is way too stacked to worry about one month.
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  3. What game will you be playing to fill the void in March now?
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