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  3. What game will you be playing to fill the void in March now?

User Info: GRTooCool

1 week ago#21
FFXIV and Overwatch as usual.

On the Switch I can play Animal Crossing.
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User Info: KarmelCHAOS

1 week ago#22
Probably just the stuff in my Gamepass backlog, because now I have to spend like $240 for all the s*** I want in April lol

User Info: Lord Sojiro

Lord Sojiro
1 week ago#23
It hurts that it releases so close to RE3 Remake. My most anticipated games release so close to each other, and Persona 5 Royal also comes out days before that, I don't have time to play s*** lol and FF7 gets priority.

I'll probably crack open Dragon Quest 11 at some point, now that I've got an extra month I can feel comfortable starting.
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User Info: N3wdisea5e

1 week ago#24
Nada since this is the only thing I have been waiting for

User Info: IamNori

1 week ago#25
I haven't touched Ori and the Blind Forest yet. This could be the time to play.

On the other hand, as far as my PS4 library is concerned, I haven't yet finished the beginning hours of KH3, nor did I touch God of War nor Borderlands 3, which are sitting on my table completely sealed.

And then Granblue Fantasy Versus is releasing in February, which will occupy my fighting game needs, which is sure to last a while 'cause God bless college.
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User Info: BazzaPersonal

1 week ago#26
Eagleeyejack posted...
DOOM Eternal.


User Info: SirDood18

1 week ago#27
I have Animal Crossing New Horizons, Nioh 2, Fairy Tail, One Piece Pirate Warriors 4 or Persona 5 Scramble (I'll probably get one of those first before the other since they're both musou games) to play on March so I am actually somewhat happy FF7R is delayed.
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User Info: Nighthound101

1 week ago#28
Got tons of stuff to keep me occupied. My addiction to FFXIV, DB Kakarot, Doom, playing through Nier Automata for the first time right now, still need to finish Shenmue 3 and Death Stranding. Plenty of stuff to tide me over.

User Info: Kazuyasan

1 week ago#29
My addiction to Tekken 7 will hopefully not have subsided by then.
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I seriously doubt it will come out April. I expect another delay. May the earliest or later in the summer. Probably sometime in September.
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  3. What game will you be playing to fill the void in March now?
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