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User Info: Doober2

6 days ago#61
I'll be getting both at somepoint but I'll definitely be getting Cyberpunk 2077 on release. No matter what game I'm playing at the time will be dropped the second Cyperpunk 2077 comes out.

I haven't decided on FFVII remake yet but I'm signifcantly less likely to buy it at release than I was a couple of days ago.
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User Info: crono12064

6 days ago#62
quakeknight1991 posted...
And the more I see Cyberpunk the more it looks like SJW rubbish.

I've seen the same critisicm thrown at FFVIIR, though it's usually by those who don't know what censorship means.
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Jesse_Faden posted...
Anyone who uses the letters "sjw" or any other buzzword, is not someone worth listening to.
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crono12064 posted...
I've seen the same critisicm thrown at FFVIIR, though it's usually by those who don't know what censorship means.

Yeah, but atleast it is not on the same level as Cyberpunk. The female characters from Cyberpunk literally look like demons taken straight out of a Doom game.

User Info: XxGhaleonxX

6 days ago#66
Yeah not really feeling Cyberpunk. Isn’t it the Skyrim dudes or the Witcher dudes? I know it’s one of those two and I couldn’t care less about either of those games so I probably won’t care about 2077 either. Unless the story is on a Blade Runner level which we all know it won’t be.
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Jesse_Faden posted...
You must have been here for a very long time and have a ton of karma then, right? lets check...
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User Info: Ruppe21

6 days ago#69
Both are going to be amazing but I'm waiting for a FF7 remake longer so if I had to choose...
Cyberpunk. I want FF7 Remake on PC, or if PS5 enhances the PS4 version, I'll get it on that.
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