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User Info: KarmelCHAOS

1 week ago#51
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User Info: raihidara

1 week ago#52
To summarize this thread:

Kono "Saibāpanku" wa nanidesu ka? Watashi wa hotondo no RPGs o purei shimasu.

User Info: SirDood18

1 week ago#53
FF7R of course

In the words of Cloud Strife, "Not interested.."
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User Info: Kowalls

1 week ago#54
dvdjedi posted...
I am an adult with a job so I can afford to buy both.

Adult? I don't it. This post makes you sound like an arrogant childish 20yr, which you probably are.

There are many situations preventing people for getting both within 7 days.

I can but I recognize my situation is different. I live alone, have a good job and is single with no kids. My good friend is married with 4 kids. It costs him like $60+ just to take his family to the movie. It becomes hard to justify spending $120+ on yourself within 7 days for a video game and another video game. Sure he'll eventually get both but not on launch.

There's also people with college expenses, budgets where they allow themselves only a certain amount of free spending money a month and rather spend it on nights out or a vacation, etc etc.

Oh there are also people who live with their parents, call themselves adults and make $200 a week and think they're epically cool.

User Info: HentaiMan

1 week ago#55
GENERALJA0 posted...
I was interested in cyberpunk till they changed 3rd person to 1st person.
Why'd they fall back on that anyway, Lazy cost cutting? They said cutscenes would be 3rd person before changing that too.

Rahsiel30 posted...
not interested in a rpg with first person view.
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FF7R is priority for me, so I will buy that game for certain. And the more I see Cyberpunk the more it looks like SJW rubbish.

User Info: goodlyoak

1 week ago#57
Not a fan of first person shooters so FF7R wins by default.

User Info: TrueGB

1 week ago#58
Never liked the Witcher.
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User Info: Bishieted

1 week ago#59
I guess FF7R.

I just have very little faith in Cyberpunk, a lot of the messaging and already shown content don’t demonstrate a great deal of understanding the source material on the developer’s part. The visual style is there but it feels like they missed the point of Cyberpunk as a world.

May get both at some point but Cyberpunk is going to have to prove much better than it has looked to me so far.

User Info: TrueGB

1 week ago#60
Litane posted... No way. FFVII will be successful no doubt, but there's massive hype for Cyberpunk.

FF7R hype is bigger. Its pre-order totals massively eclipse Cyberpunk's according to Amazon.

The_Undying_84 posted...
Both RPG's set exclusively in big, dark cities, except Cyberpunk is an actual full game, with a fully explorable city. It will put this s*** to shame in every way.

...but I can actually agree with this guy. It's one thing to say Cyberpunk is going to outsell FF7R, but saying it will be a much bigger and better game is within the realm of reason. Squeenix still hasn't proven they can make a terrific FF game in the merger era, let alone an action game...unless Platinum makes it for them.
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