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1 month ago#1
Or else whats the point of those two?

Plus, who doesnt wanna ride Fenrir thru the open world while fighting Kadaj? Also I dont know who the red costume guy in Crisis Core but he seems a good fit to fight using Vincent.

More importantly I wanna use Clouds custom swords & upgraded Omni Slash he used to Sephiroth in Advent.

Thoughts on this FFans.


User Info: ElBrutus

1 month ago#2
No. Just no.
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User Info: Justicecho

1 month ago#3
I love Genesis and wouldn’t mind him as a dlc bonus fighter for the arena or something, but overall nothing from AC should be in this since it’s only part one of the remake and AC stuff shouldn’t be involved in any parts. Cloud doesn’t make Fenrir or the fusion sword until after meteorfall.

As cosmetic dlc stuff throw in whatever. Story content wise nah.

CC stuff I imagine will be in story wise, but altered to fit remakes continuity over the originals.

But ultimately none of the comp HAS to be in the remake, just some of it would be good to expand upon.

User Info: Okikurmi

1 month ago#4
God i hope not. Can we just pretend they never happened?
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User Info: unitedinkilling

1 month ago#5
People hate it even though its canon.

sadly for them,Canon>their opinion.

User Info: MetalGearDogma

1 month ago#6
I really really want the AC outfits for everyone.
And Clouds Shinra uniform from Crisis Core.
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User Info: Argonar_Alfaran

1 month ago#7
Yes all of that must make it in (not necessarily all of it in the first part) and some of those are already confirmed to make it in.

Cloud's fusion sword ftw!

User Info: MancombSeepgood

1 month ago#8
Almost everyone in charge of the remake has worked on Advent Children, and the leaked system text files show there's a DLC category for outfits, so Advent Children outfits are almost a given.

User Info: orah

1 month ago#9
only cissnei should come out of CC. and she was in last order first anyways
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  3. ADVENT CHILDREN & CRISIS CORE stuff (characters & costumes) must make it
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