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  3. Are you going to get the remake of Final Fantasy 7?
It depends of what they show in the next weeks.

For now is mostly combat and cutscenes, i need more than that.

User Info: DankDelirium

1 week ago#32
Justicecho posted...
1st class day 1 pre-order since about the minute the pre-orders went up.

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User Info: JamesBR27

1 week ago#33
Yes, but only in march 2021 when the PC version is here.
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User Info: Llamachama

1 week ago#34
If it gets released on PC I will.

But I cannot justify buying a whole console for one game.
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Waiting for the ps5 edition
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User Info: ChoiDalDal

1 week ago#36
probably but not in 2020

User Info: strife14467

6 days ago#37
theraniel posted...
So you dont watch movie series or tv shows until they are finished/ended? Missing out on a lot then sadly.

I see no reason to rush into anything when I'm only going to get a portion of the full experience, especially when I'll just have to wait for the rest. I may not be getting to play and experience those however many parts until the full game is available, but I'm perfectly fine with that because again I'm in no rush and as long as I eventually get to experience it that's okay with me.

So just because I may not experience it right away doesn't mean I'm missing out. Besides, with the amount of DLC in games nowadays I typically wait for "complete" or "ultimate" editions of games anyway so this isn't anything new for me. I hope those of you that do get it right away, and get each release right away, are able to enjoy it and that it lives up to your expectations.

User Info: Doober2

6 days ago#38
Yes, maybe not at release though as the release window is terrible for me
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User Info: CloudTifa7

6 days ago#39
ElBrutus posted...
Eventually, but not necessarily on day 1.
This as i have a newborn to look after now which now takes piority
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User Info: PrinceSquare

5 days ago#40
vigorm0rtis posted...
When the whole thing is released.
My current plan. Also gives me an excuse to play different games in the meantime
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  3. Are you going to get the remake of Final Fantasy 7?
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